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Discussion in 'Klasek' started by RCT, May 17, 2020.

  1. RCT

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    Signature range candle, 30mm, 8 shots
    NEQ 150g
    Pair fired filmed at 50m and 70m.
    After many years of firing rockets, (sky hunters being my personal favourite) made the decision to stop firing rockets at public displays. Saw these and thought could a candle replace them ?
    The answer is YES it can, although would have to use them in a different way.
    They break about the same height , decent size breaks, good colour and effects and loud.
    If I’m honest, I would say single shot verses single rocket, the rocket break wins , JUST
    But for the price you get 2 candle shots to one rocket, which for me makes the candles come out on top. With the added bonus of no stick and plastic.
    No QM just Twin visco , but e matched both near the top and timings were pretty good, I should have given them wider angles, the breaks were bigger than I was expecting.
    At the price will be using lots of these ,
    Excellent candle from Klasek.
    Filmed at 50m

    Filmed at 70m
  2. AlanCee29

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    Is there any other way to play these videos without having to download them all the time?
  3. RCT

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    No idea, I couldn’t post any vids on here with any apple device, so had to download google drive in order to post them. Only took me 3 days to work it out !
    So like you I have to share them on my phone to the google drive app, download them o_O which takes ages then they are in a format I can embed, but it does seem a strange way to do things. So I have duplicates of everything on the same device.
    I certainly don’t want a you tube account, anyone got a better suggestion let me know.
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    I'm able to play them without downloading them on the phone, might be your settings.
  5. I can't play them on my phone either, I just watch them on the pc, works ok there :)
  6. Some work without asking to download but some ask, just click the top right and then it makes it full screen and you can watch them