Kotor boka night Fireworks

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  1. danielpyronutter

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    Hi all

    I'm currently on holiday in Montenegro and have found a festival down the road on Sunday, woop woop.

  2. I found a firework festival down the road ....... Of course you did Dan ;):D More like a well timed holiday lol
  3. elmo

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    Classic line
    Must remember to try that one with the wife when I’m in Valencia in March :rolleyes:
  4. Works every time: I did it on my wedding weekend in Cyprus. Not fireworks though, it was the WRC.
    Got married, off into the Troodos mountains for 3 days. :D
  5. That's was my mate. Fires all the shows in Cyprus. If anyone ever goes I'll hook you up. Buys his gear from Celtic and ships to Cyprus.
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  6. paul s

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    Kotor is a wonderful place; we were there last year. Have fun Dan.
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  7. Damp Squib

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    Might be drier than Plymouth, too...;)
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