Lady who ate fireworks thinking they were popping candy

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  1. Just thought I would share this news article as it's related to fireworks So this lady brought a pack of fun snaps from her local shop where they were among sweets so she thought they were candy put a hand full in her mouth then They exploded in her mouth and she was in instant agony, and left with chemical burns on her lips and gums
  2. I feel bad for her as it must have been a painful experience and quite traumatic but how would you mistake them for popping candy. Those fun snaps are little bags of paper with a gritty material inside plus they are packaged in a plastic bag full sawdust which (in my personal experience) popping candy has never came in soooooo_O
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  3. fun.jpg

    Can't really make it any clearer than that on the back of each little box.
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    Me and my brothers bit these as kids. They really aren't that bad. Just another idiot looking for compo!
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    I highly doubt she suffered much at all. These things can't even set off petrol. The Backyard Scientist made a huge single one from several boxes and it still wasn't enough to ignite fresh petrol. Absolute moron.
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    As Dirty Harry would call such a twonk who tried to eat those.
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    What appals me is that the shop had them amongst the confectionery.... if the photo on the link in the original post is correct and not staged after the event. The information on the packet is clear and in good size print, so the lady was at fault for not reading that. However the shop staff were really in the wrong for the way they displayed the goods for sale. I could imagine young children buying them, thinking they were sweets and not being so capable of reading the warnings, or less likely to realise there were some warnings, or not so experienced in life as to realise they weren't novelty sweets. (Remember the "Spanish Gold" sugar sweets made to look like strands of tobacco? So that "sawdust" in the bag could be thought to be some form of confectionery by a young child.) Then there would really be a justifiable outcry. To be honest, on this one I'd give a thumbs up to Trading Standards if they took strong action against the shop.
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    It’s clearly got printed on the front of the box “brighstar fireworks”, also did the sawdust not give it away or did she think this was a new way of packaging sweets ? :rolleyes:
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    Instead of buying fun snaps buy a toothbrush and tooth paste
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    Spanish Gold mmmmmmmm! Love that stuff. Old man's baccy is another name us kids called it. Coconut shreds coated in careamalised sugar I seem to remember.
  11. Sawdust came out of her ears...
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    You can print clear instructions on a box...but you cannot make people read them. You can take a horse to water...but you cannot make it drink.
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    I would say that 95% of accident come through instructions not being read
  14. This is very odd, whats she hopping to achieve? Most supermarkets wont do compensation if you blab to press. I doubt press paid her that much... is she after fame?
    It is so silly as its her own fault. The article says she has never heard of fun snaps I find that so hard to believe.
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    Perhaps she got confused with these ??:D
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    As Stan Laurel once said "You can lead a Horse to water but a pencil must be lead " :)
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    sorry, graphite actually.:rolleyes::D
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  18. Lookingat that photo as a whole, I'd say that the snaps were always there and it's not staged. The whole set up is untidy and unlabelled, it looks like all the sweets have just been stuck there willy nilly in their boxes- presumably someone at the shop just didn't know/think/care that funsnaps were not sweets and just stuck them out on display. I work in retail and have some pride ha ha, I'd be applalled at a shelf like that!

    That said, if this whole thing is a scam for compo, then lets be honest, if she is smart enough* to plan it them she might have targetted such a disorganised shop in the first place, and subtley moved the fun snaps for the photo.

    oohhh, conspiracy!!!!

    * she doesn't look smart enough, but maybe I'm being unkind. For the rest of her life, she can say: Yarn | See? Because of me, now they have a warning. ~ The Simpsons (1989) - S05E16 Comedy | Video clips by quotes, clip | 75638608-3915-4a63-9a89-e0e9f1094606 | 紗 (

    That was meant to be embedded but I failed :p
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    I could say "Snap" ! (But then folk might groan, given the subject of the thread!) Long ago I worked for Sainsbury's - which back then was a very house proud company. Every tin and packet had to be faced, spaced and positioned correctly. No dented tins allowed. No cardboard outers allowed. Strict attention to BBE and Use By dates when putting new stock out before the old had all sold. Shop closed every Monday for cleaning and other housekeeping / display management tasks. That should give a clue how many decades ago we're talking! It was a far cry from today's 24/7 retailing operations. Even after all these years I can't get used to the way things are now and I regularly shudder at what I see. Which is another reason why putting a novelty firework product in confectionery is (dare I say it) bang out of order with me!

    Being serious, it's also a reason why I'd have no hesitation in holding the shop and its staff primarily responsible for the incident. We know people often don't read what's on the packet, or don't take in what's printed there even if they do glance at it. With sweets, they know some are made to look like other things, like the "tobacco" I've mentioned. I've seen some stunningly realistic chocolate tools on sale in the past few years. People do see what they want to see or expect to see. So put "Fun Snaps" on sale among the sweets and some people will see them as sweets.
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  20. Absolutely- I've worked in a few shops- the 24 hour one in fact had very high standards of presentation, one smaller one had more of a DGAF attitude to everything.

    I do generally agree with you, particularly as this sweets section is obviously aimed at children and so it's ironic that the person who this happened to is an adult!
    When I was trained (at the 24 hour shop way back when) one thing we were told is it shouldn't be assumed anyone can read (or read English,) especially younger children. (Relevant too if people have allergies). I feel too that the shop has a duty of care here.
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