Lady who ate fireworks thinking they were popping candy

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  1. I wonder how this numpty would survive in the usa or any euro country at that. Last time I was shopping in walmart firecrackers were sold next to sweets and beer :eek: kids pick them up and ask mom to buy em. Fun snaps are in a big product bin next to action dolls.
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    I was in my local supermarket today, and in the middle of a food isle there was engine oil for sale ,but i managed to stop myself mistaking it for cooking oil and eating it ! This women is a good candidate for the Darwin award o_O
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  3. LOL, this whole story in fact sounds exactly the sort of thing Viz would do as their parody " Urma Mudd, 23 year old mother of 9 who bought six litres of Duckhams Hypergrade believing it was suntan oil and used the remained to fry their chips is now suing"
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