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  1. Good evening.
    I’m proposing on the 7th august and want to put on a small intimate show and thinking of using this single ignite.
    I’d also like to have ‘Marry me’ or ‘Will you marry me’ in Lance work. Is there anyone here that can do it at a reasonable price near/in Kent
  2. Ask a local bonfire society for help with the lance work if your stuck most will be keen to help. And most used to burnt fingers with the glue gun ;) hope you get a good result and best of luck :D
  3. Thanks for the suggestion but after a quick search I can’t find any? How are they found? I tried Facebook and google? TIA
  4. gunpowderplot

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    contact @syrotechnics for the last work best out there:)
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  5. they will put you in touch with your closest society. How long do you have time wise as we are Buxted e sussex
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    Phoenix Fireworks are in Kent -
    Contact them and ask Mark to make you the lancework. They have all sorts of other fun products too.
    Good luck
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    a cheaper option would be ropework