Las Fallas 2020 - Mascleta, Firework Displays & Pyro News and Chat

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    To keep things simple and (hopefully) easier to follow, please use this thread for chat and news about the Mascletas, Displays and Pyro for the 2020 Las Fallas festival. (Well the main March week, at least.)

    For 2020 news and chat about who's going, flights & accommodation etc. we have a thread here:

    For La Crida 2020 we have a thread here:à-de-las-fallas.36144/
  2. Madfish

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    So Benicalap looks a very interesting proposition this 19th March. Last years was pretty decent at 100kg, this year is set to have 225 kilos.
    Ricardo Caballer will be involved along with Víctor Pérez and Vicente Ferrer.

    Depending who is firing on the square there's an opportunity to see something new, scheduled for 14:45

    Last years:

    Location for information - 800m from Beniferri metro

    Benicalap 1.JPG
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  3. Beal

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    Last years was pretty decent at 100kg, this year is set to have 225 kilos.

    Is this the amount of powder? Pretty serious stuff.
  4. Madfish

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    Sure is :cool:
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    Could make both?
  6. Madfish

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    If your name is Usain Bolt maybe :D

    its around 4 kilometers from the square, but with 35 - 40 mins to escape the crowds in the square, jump on the next metro to beniferri and walk the other end is probably impossible ;)
  7. elmo

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    Depends who ends up in the square on the 19th for me ?
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    Ok - just being way too optimistic, and greedy :rolleyes:
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  9. Madfish

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  10. elmo

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    Yes !!!
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    " This year will also see two NEW pyrotechnic companies taking part in the fallas calendar but it will not include Ricardo Caballer of Pirotecnia RICASA or Pirotecnia Europlá. However, RICASA will be opening proceedings in the Marina on February 29th at 8pm"
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    Here's the mascleta & display news that's just reached me via my news feed from

    Mascletas at 2pm in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
    13 March - Zarzoso
    14 March - Pirotecnia Valenciana
    15 March - Hermanos Caballer
    16 March - Turís
    17 March - Aitana
    18 March - Vulcano
    19 March - Caballer FX

    Night displays in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento
    March 13 (00.00) - Pirotecnia Valenciana - Night Mascletà
    March 14 (00.00) - Mediterranean - Night Mascletà (Mascletà de colores)
    March 15 (00.00) - Vulcano - Alba de les falles,
    March 19 Before the Crema - Caballer FX - Ramillete de colores

    Night displays at the Alameda old riverbed site
    16 March (00.00) - Zarzoso - castillo (To avoid confusion, Lasprovincias clarifies this as being the night from 16th to 17th)
    17 March (01.00) - Hermanos Caballer - castillo (Lasprovincias clarifies this as being the night from 17th to 18th)
    18 March (01.30) - Caballer FX - Nit del Foc (i.e. the night of 18th/19th)

    The same article also includes the news that, for the 2nd time in history, the last three shows of the Las Fallas season will directed by a woman. Maria Jose Lora, of Caballer FX, will take charge of the Nit del Foc, the 2pm mascleta on the 19th and the display before the Crema. Sounds good to me.

    Full news article, which also includes info for other dates, is here:
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  13. Madfish

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    Full list from Las Fallas Valencia Information page.

    Budget is said to be increased by 7% for this year

    Saturday 29th February @ 20.30hrs (Nit de les Falles in La Marina)
    Ricardo Caballer & RICASA

    Sunday 1st March @ 7am (Trons de Bac de la desperta)
    Pirotecnia Zarzoso

    8am - (Apotheosis of the awakening)
    Pirotecnia Valenciana

    20.30hrs - (La Crida)
    Pirotecnia Peñarroja

    Mascletà Nocturna;
    Sunday, 15. 24 h. (L'Alba de les Falles Plaza Ayto)
    Pirotecnia Vulcano

    DAY Mascletà;

    Sunday, 1.
    Pirotecnia Peñarroja

    Monday, 2.
    Pirotecnia Tamarit

    Tuesday, 3.
    Dragon Pirotecnia

    Wednesday, 4
    Pirotecnia Pibierzo

    Thursday, 5.
    Pirotecnia Zaragozana

    Friday, 6.
    Pirotecnia Alpujarreña

    Saturday, 7.
    Pirotecnia Nadal Martí

    Sunday, 8.
    Pirotecnia Reyes Marti

    Monday, 9.
    Pirotecnia Mediterrañeo

    Tuesday, 10.
    Pirotecnia Crespo

    Wednesday 11.
    Pirotecnia Tomás

    Thursday, 12.
    Pirotecnia Gironina

    Friday the 13th.
    Pirotecnia Zarzoso

    Saturday, 14.
    Pirotecnia Valenciana

    Sunday, 15.
    Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer

    Monday, 16.
    Pirotecnia Turis

    Tuesday, 17.
    Pirotecnia Aitana

    Wednesday, 18.
    Pirotecnia Vulcano

    Thursday, 19.
    Pirotecnia Caballer FX
    *Mascletá of San José

    Mascletà Nocturna;

    Saturday, 7. 24 h.
    Pirotecnia Tomás

    Friday, 13. 24 h.
    Pirotecnia Valenciana

    Saturday, 14. 24 h.
    Pirotecnia Mediterrañeo

    Sunday, 15. 24h
    Pirotecnia Vulcano

    Grand Displays;

    Monday, 16. 24 h.
    Pirotecnia Zarzoso

    Tuesday, 17. 1 h.
    Pirotecnia Hermanos Caballer

    Wednesday, 18. 1.30 h. (Nit de Foc)
    Pirotecnia Caballer FX
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  14. Madfish

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    So Vulcano and Tamarit are the new kids on the block - no pressure for Vulcano, only doing the L'Alba de les Falles and 18th Mascleta :eek: :D
  15. RocketRev

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    Beat you to it :p

    We've seen Vulcano before, haven't we?
  16. elmo

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    Am I right in thinking that Sunday 1st desperta ends up in the square ?
  17. Madfish

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    Not the full schedule :p ;)
  18. RocketRev

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    I gave the link to it for those who might be there, rather than clog up screen space!:p:rolleyes:
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  19. Madfish

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    Yes then they have that mini terremoto to wake the town at 8:00am :D
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  20. RocketRev

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    Just checked back.... we saw Vulcano do that wonderful 2pm Mascleta last year that included the red and yellow smoke mines.
    So who are the newcomers this year?