Las Fallas 2021 - who’s going ?

Discussion in 'Las Fallas' started by elmo, Feb 10, 2020.

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    It seems unlikely to me that Fallas would go ahead in 2021 with no main square mascletas. I can see a situation where the companies decide next Monday not to go ahead in 2021 to force the funding issue, especially if they lose 9-12,000 euros each time they fire one in the main square.
  3. RocketRev

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    If everything else permits (i.e. anti-COVID19 measures that might still have to apply), Las Fallas would still be likely to go ahead because there's far more to Las Fallas than the main square mascletas. It's a centuries old festival that has developed over the years and the main square mascletas haven't always been a part of it. So I wouldn't expect those mascletas to be the tail that wags the dog for the whole festival.
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    Very true - I guess I was thinking more about tourist attendance rather than the religious festival itself, and how visitor numbers (and revenue for the city) may be impacted by a lack of main square action.
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    I had no idea the main square mascletas were such a loss-leader for the pyro companies. No wonder Ricardo Caballer decided to pull out.
  6. Madfish

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    To be hoped they work something out.
    Missing this year is bad enough for the Fallas, if next years itinery is impacted, I think foreign tourists will take a lot of convincing to return in the coming years.
    I fear the actual Fallas statues will be small scale next year, the cassal's have not had the opportunity to have their social events which are key to planning and fundraising for the coming years construction.
    Pyro wise 2019 was an exceptional year, probably never to be beaten, certainly not in the next few years :(
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    Seems a financial agreement has been achieved and the possibility of firing this years mascletas during 2020

  8. RocketRev

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    I wonder if it's also being arranged that the Falleras Mayores who have lost out on their year this year will be the Falleras Mayores for next year.
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    Personally I'd loved to go, (especially as the flight's only £80'ish) but 2021 is too soon, 2nd wave and all that... :(