Laser eye surgery

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    Since wearing glasses from 6yrs old up to now 33 there a bit of a pita have tried contacts twice and react with my eyes making them itchy sore and watering all the time.
    Now looking into eye surgery and wondering if anyone's had it done who you went with experiences of the surgery and aftercare you received
  2. My wife had both her eyes done at Morefields hospital , over 10 years ago , it only took about 35 min to 45 min each eye, she has had 20/20 vision ever since,
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    Yeah my ex had her eyes done.Said it was the best thing she had ever done.........Maybe that's why she is my ex :(:)
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    Moving forward on from 1st post have now got a consultation next Saturday,hopefully all goes well and can move onto the next part
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    I have 2 friends (a couple) that had lenses inserted in their eyes in Spain and both are still 20/20 and I have another two friends that had traditional laser in the UK and they both have to wear glasses again as although 20/20 when it was done their eyes have deteriorated naturally over the years since.