Last nights fireworks display

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  1. UKChrisT

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    Little get together last night in a rural field somewhere in Norfolk, sorry about the wind noise. Filmed on the GoPro still needed to a be a bit further back but you get the idea :)

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  2. danielpyronutter

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    Very nice Chris

    I see the wind was causing some problems blowing the effects out of your target area.

    What firing system do you use?
  3. UKChrisT

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    Thanks, Dan yes very windy all day. But thankfully no rain so didn't put a downer on it.

    FireOne system.
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  4. drummer73

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    Thanks again for last night Chris. Was good to meet you and was a most enjoyable display.
    Did you film the cat3 bit?
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  5. UKChrisT

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    It was good to meet you mate. Glad you enjoyed the fireworks.
    I didn't film the cat3 stuff personally but I think one of my mates filmed part of it, hopefully, get the footage soon.
  6. drummer73

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    I never film fireworks myself, always like to just watch. It is nice to see the footage though. Hope the clean up wasn't too bad!
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  7. UKChrisT

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    A couple of the setup.

    50243784_10213677858888828_8611846827949424640_o.jpg 49397714_10213677857848802_6986611128465883136_o.jpg
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