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  1. Jamie Thornton

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    Wow, absolutely fantastic.
  2. blackbat

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    Are those blue and red rockets on the left plastic or cork nosed? :)
  3. JayT

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    Look like the red domed plastic ones to me?
  4. Escht

    Escht Supports UKFR

    plastic size 3
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  5. Richard Lane

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    Kev...the green Romans bottom of the lh box seem to be wrapped for quick match ...the majority seems to be late 80’s /90’s...presume they are destined for the store?
  6. Look forward to seeing it all when you sort through it.
  7. Another great lot saved :)
  8. Escht

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    Some were destined for show displays but never got used hence quickmatch fuzes fitted and no labels......... as for the store........... most never make it that far but yes that's the general idea........
  9. simonrl

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    Very nice find Kev. A few of those would look good in a certain £15 box!
  10. Escht

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    So some prelim. pictures of all the pyro the mice didn't get.........
    Pictures are just for info. only. Some items in those pictures will not be available........ I haven't had time to check what I shall need to keep back so please don't get sending me wants lists just yet as I'm not in a position to say yes or no....... it's taken me all day just to get to this stage and get it all safely bagged and stowed away........
    So for your pyro feast
    IMG_1648.JPG IMG_1649.JPG IMG_1654.JPG IMG_1655.JPG IMG_1657.JPG IMG_1665.JPG IMG_1666.JPG IMG_1659.JPG IMG_1662.JPG IMG_1663.JPG IMG_1660.JPG IMG_1667.JPG IMG_1671.JPG IMG_1672.JPG IMG_1673.JPG IMG_1674.JPG
  11. BarnOwl

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    A Christmas pyro feast no less....
  12. Escht

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    You'll all be going hungry after this, no idea where the next feast will be coming from or even if there will be anything...... I'm taking a few days off shortly for that annual event known as the gathering of the yearly accounts ready for the accountant........... oh joy.......
  13. Pyromania

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    Mind blowing!!
  14. Never seen those dinky Standard candle pots before :cool:
  15. chris 1953

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    takes me back to the good old days when things were so simple, enjoyable, hassle free, no or few knob heads, ok the fireworks where smaller but o the joy of it all,
    looking at it all wish i could do it all again.:(
  16. Just buying a selection box and a few small rockets was a joy in childhood for me.Lining them up on my bedroom window sill every day in firing order and counting down those long days until the 5th.
    Maybe you would here a air bomb some nights in the distance or the lazy dribble of stars from a rocket which would have you rushing to the window. Happy days.
    Once my main pyro was bought any spare cash went on banger's little demons 321 zero's or maybe a air bomb repeater .If you had a £5 budget those days it was all good :)
  17. Tinderbox

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    Jesus. What an absolute hoard!!!

    Was this lot from an old shop or somet? Don't know why I always ask that question?
  18. Escht

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    and I keep telling everyone......... TIME MACHINE .....................why does no one believe me.....?. :(:(
  19. chris 1953

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    PLEASE can you then give me the winning lottery numbers for next week,please please please:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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  20. Escht

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    No, cause then the time machine will self destruct, ................. honest......... !
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