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  1. Escht

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    I like old tins, they sometimes contain treasure............

  2. chris 1953

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    didn"t the flyer have a piece of cardboard across it as it flew up a little like a chopper ?
  3. Escht

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    no, these were a form of mini squib or sometimes known as torpedos........ the ones you are thinking of are aeroplanes, helicopters known as flyers but never named that way on Standards items.....
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  4. chris 1953

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    thought it was standard that did them and what you had , had lost its wing,..(flying without wings song just came to mined) lol,
    1965 ? helicopters.
    thanks for the show
  5. fozzboy

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    Been after one of these Flyers for years , my dad was killed when I was 6 , but one of the memories I have of him was when a firework was going all over the place , and he ran into the outside toilet and it went under the door , and he ran back out haha... My Mum told me a few years after that it was a little Standard Flyer .. Memories
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  6. Richard Lane

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    Fliers ...whizz bangs...imps...Love these unguided missiles...such little beggars knowing where they’re going...(a natural must for banning by the HSE mob)
    Really an example of the best of Bonfire Night wares!
  7. Pyromania

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    @Escht - Is that an old ‘Golden Virginia’ tobacco tin by any chance??
  8. Escht

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    might have been, it was an old tobacco tin, binned it , the flyers and bangers are in better storage now......... had too many items marked by rust before after storage in tins..........
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  9. Escht

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    A job for next year after I've done end of year accounts, sort through this box of bits........... quite a few Octavius Hunt Kimbolton small candles in there

    and rather fitting for this time of year was this one little item

    IMG_1792.JPG IMG_1793.JPG
  10. JayT

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    Some interesting bits in there including German rockets.
  11. BarnOwl

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    Nice mix of stuff, Like a Santa's grotto of candles and rockets..
    I spy what looks like a Millennium candle too.
  12. Richard Lane

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    I have something quite like the snowman wrapped items..I due to go to my store tomorrow..I’ll look them out and snap and post them here. R
  13. And the Happy Lamp, one of my favourites.
  14. 20201218_090744.jpg what are they worth thanks
  15. Richard Lane

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    Full box? ask Kevin..avatar name Escht.
  16. simonrl

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    @Escht is the rocket with the red band near the cone a Weco MOOG?
  17. Escht

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    Better not, it's later stuff and I've no idea............
  18. Escht

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    Storage box has been put away into storage untill after I get my accounts done but there certainly was at least one Moog rocket in there,.........
  19. danielpyronutter

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    £5-10 John, I had some of the same recently.
  20. Escht

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    Early Christmas delivery,......... 2 more boxes full of goodies just arrived from the SA collection for me to find new homes........... something to keep me busy in January
    I'm off now and not answering any more questions or enquiries so hope you all have a safe and healthy Christmas in these strange times, we're having a quiet stay at home Christmas and then I get to do my end of year accounts ( my own fault, left them till last minute yet again ).
    Will hopefully be back in the New year with a brand new topic titled Latest finds 2021............. already wondering what next year will bring,.........
    So I will leave you with a couple of teaser pictures to mull over during Christmas......... that storage box is 6" deep in old pyro, you can only see the top layer.....the firework boxes hold lots of single items and are just empty boxes used as storage for other things...........

    Happy Christmas

    IMG_1797 (2).JPG IMG_1798.JPG
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