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    Ha haaa..I've got one of those Brocks presentation booklets...Alan Bennett sent it to me when my mum was in contact with Brocks asking what to do about her son's (Me!) 'atomic' mixings....Never ever seen another.
    I have collected most of the fireworks in there...very gratifying to see another....
  2. Beautiful artwork in the Brocks booklet. Thanks for showing. I wonder what Radio and Gloria stars were back in the day?
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  4. Escht

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    I don't recall ever seeing a box like this before, stapled end flaps and black interior to lid and base. Box is approx. 34cm x 13cm x 5cm...........

    IMG_7795.JPG IMG_7794.JPG
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  5. Richard Lane

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    Rare..interesting..pity it's been so scribbled over...and never seen a black interior before..actually the childish scribbles rather add to know ....association with childhood etc etc...
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  6. Escht

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  7. Escht

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    Always the way when something unusual turns up,.......... I wouldn't go for something this scribbled on but having not seen one before seemed daft not to buy it....... the person who invents a pen to erase biro ink without damaging everything else will be a hero.
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    Found at an antiques fair today.......not a shop dummy.........
    IMG_7853.JPG IMG_7854.JPG
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    Nice find :)
  10. Escht

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    Nice little find from the weekend, 2 packs in box are original contents, 6d pack was also in the box but not original to it.
    These boxes are quite hard to find.
    IMG_7858.JPG IMG_7859.JPG
  11. Escht

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    A mix of stuff from around 30 yrs ago........ another garage clearance lot
    IMG_7927.JPG IMG_7928.JPG
  12. Escht

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    and in detail

    IMG_7929.JPG IMG_7930.JPG IMG_7931.JPG IMG_7932.JPG IMG_7933.JPG IMG_7934.JPG IMG_7935.JPG IMG_7936.JPG IMG_7937.JPG IMG_7938.JPG IMG_7939.JPG IMG_7940.JPG IMG_7941.JPG IMG_7942.JPG IMG_7943.JPG IMG_7944.JPG IMG_7945.JPG IMG_7946.JPG IMG_7947.JPG IMG_7949.JPG IMG_7948.JPG IMG_7950.JPG IMG_7951.JPG IMG_7952.JPG IMG_7953.JPG IMG_7954.JPG IMG_7955.JPG IMG_7956.JPG IMG_7957.JPG IMG_7959.JPG IMG_7958.JPG IMG_7960.JPG IMG_7961.JPG IMG_7962.JPG IMG_7963.JPG IMG_7964.JPG IMG_7965.JPG IMG_7966.JPG IMG_7967.JPG IMG_7968.JPG IMG_7969.JPG IMG_7970.JPG IMG_7971.JPG IMG_7972.JPG IMG_7973.JPG IMG_7974.JPG IMG_7975.JPG IMG_7976.JPG
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    How many Diamond suns mate ?
  14. Several German rockets there, i have quite a few myself, i remember those re-loadable shells too, still got a couple here, some good stuff there and proves again it's still out there!, just noticed two Mother of Thunder there too, one of the loudest air bomb cakes there was and really slow fused, didn't think i'd see one again let alone two!, definitely a collector's item, wish i had bought more of them when they were on sale.
  15. Escht

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    It's still out there waiting to be found......... picked this little bunch up yesterday.......... the 9d Air Bomb is very nice........ everything live ......

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  16. Aaah god, those 3d Cannons trip me back in time. Most of the bad lads in my area had them in the run up to GFN.

    It could be a rose tinted memory, but I remember those buggers being LOUD!!! :cool:
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  17. Richard Lane

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    :rolleyes:Terence..absolutely my memory as well ..they were LOUD!!:eek:o_O...aaaannnndd as we always say ...."It is definitely still out there"...this is is the spur for us all to keep searching.....
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    managed to catch up with a few of the people that look out for stuff for me yesterday, I never know what they have trawled up but this time they all had some nice bits for me.

    IMG_8074.JPG IMG_8075.JPG



    A much harder to find PAINS TEA LIGHT
    IMG_8084.JPG IMG_8083.JPG

    5/- STANDARD BOX....... nice clean example, empty of course


    and the best bit saved for me


    It's still out there waiting to be found.................
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  19. Richard Lane

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    Love the Pains Box Kev....unusual colourings..
  20. Escht

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    Here it is as seen on a 1939 pricelist., looks like they were going through their blue and red phase looking at the other bits on there..

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