latest brocks acquisitions...

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  1. Sandling Fireworks

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    Brocks Dragon Tooth. A small pyramid cone only half full of resin comp but a beautiful effect. I used to love these. i think Twinkler fountain had the same comp.
  2. Would these mines actually fire?
  3. Tinderbox

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    Depends how they have been stored I guess. I've lit some old stuff before with mixed results.
  4. Jamie Thornton

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    I think most brocks items had a resin type comp.
  5. Golden Zodiac

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    Certainly many of their small fountains, rockets, some stars, and their famous hummers were resin-based. Their factory in Norfolk was set up to focus on producing the resin-based fireworks.
  6. Jamie Thornton

    Jamie Thornton Supports UKFR

    Yes I believe their rocket motors used a type of resin as opposed to traditional
    Black powder as well as resin type stars.