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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Dayle Ward, May 17, 2019.

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    Celebrating 63 years since they opened. What do you guys think?
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    Unrivalled value
  4. Screenshot_20190518-190915_Facebook.jpg more offers on.
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    Both showing as sold out though
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    Meh, barrage pack not really doing it for me, better off spending a bit more for:
    Primed Full house
    Celtic Perfect ten
    Hallmark gem collection

    Wouldn't mind trying the selection box though
  7. yeah i agree. i think for £70 people might be better off with tried and true F2, cones, Angle Dust, the Skycrafter cakes etc, a good 1.G3 rocket pack etc - and I am sure there are many more good ones from sponsors. i always think with packs like that its a bit of a gamble, propbably got some good stuff in there, but if a few of them are a bit naff, it's not as good as it looks.

    personally I spent about £70 on this and all in all think it's probably better value.
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  8. Well I couldn't resist buying a few more items so I purchased the Showstopper and Devil's Barrage pack. I'll post unboxing videos on my YouTube channel over the next week or two but until then here's a look at the barrage pack. Interestingly it has a higher NEC than Primed's Full House, has one extra firework, a fanned cake and the largest firework has a larger explosive content than Primed's 'Casino' finale. That said the Devil's Barrage Pack is 1.4g so the proof will be in the firing!

    Devil01.jpg Devil04.jpg Devil05.jpg
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  9. Can't really go wrong with 2.2kg nec for £67.Most compounds with a similar nec would be over £100
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    As much as it pains to say it, that barrage pack will have to be exceptionally crap for it not to be a steal at £67.
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    Crap? , repetitive yes!
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    Yea looks like only 2 pieces that are decent , the fan and 36 shot, the rest look very repetitive.

    Don't get me wrong though there is something magical about any box of fireworks.

    Look forward to seeing the showstopper box contents though.

    Fuse them altogether for a super sib.
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    Having just watched it I agree - like watching paint dry. But again, for the the cost......

    If we work on say 70p per 20mm tube, and £1.00 per 25mm maybe @Duskyfuse can work out a rough value?
  14. Only one cake, (RIP), has a 25mm bore meanwhile all others appear to be 20mm. That said 227 x 70p = £158.90 + 36 x £1.00 = £36.00.

    I make that £194.90 and interestingly the artificial RRP on the box itself reads £249.99.
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    Went out with a bang then?:p
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  16. Hopefully this unboxing video helps shed a little light on what to expect should you purchase Firework King's Devils Barrage pack.

  17. thanks to those who uploaded the videos :) As always it's really appreciated.
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    Hells Bells - one of the all time metal greats. Not sure if the band's agent will be particularly chuffed though; they're quite protective over their marque.
  19. I must admit that I thought exactly the same myself. Has anybody else also noticed that the 'Saturn's Fury' name seems out of context when all other pieces relate to the Devil, Lucifer and Hell. It couldn't be that the word 'Satan' was lost in translation, ... Could it?!