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Discussion in 'Supermarket Fireworks' started by Dayle Ward, Jun 20, 2019.

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  1. So it seems that latifs are branching out and opening an all year online store for their firework selection.
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  3. Been sponsors only for me the last few years.
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    Standard Delivery Cost £19.99 to 299.990 and free, if they improve pricing might be worth placing an order
  6. It looks like they are just listing RRP's at the moment and having a good look around the website it seems they are still in the process of building it. When the site is fully active I expect the prices will be slashed in usual Latifs fashion and in fact clicking their FAQ page brings up this-

    I have seen a firework you sell cheaper elsewhere, what can you do?

    In the very unlikely occasion you find any of our fireworks cheaper elsewhere then we will be more than happy to beat that price, here at Latifs we promise to not only sell the best fireworks but ensure the best prices, service and delivery too.
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    Brilliant thanks for that, I look forward to seeing what they have to offer
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    I think the point has been made that Latifs now offer delivery. However at what point does a thread cross the line from being a genuine member sharing some latest news or good pyro find, to a continually bumped publicity thread? In fact the latest three threads in this section are Latifs and are they even a national supermarket? We need to keep the freedom of members to discuss any retailer here but we also need to respect those who advertise and support our running costs, Latifs don't. So thanks for the update on Latifs but I think we should leave it there for now. (Trying hard to reach the middle ground here between freedom of posting and not losing Sponsors - please be understanding).
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