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  1. My wife died from cancer recently and I'd like to send her ashes up in a rocket over her favourite place in Cornwall where we have camped alone and with friends and family for over 30 years.

    I understand from the Funeral Fireworks & Ashes Scattering page that specialised ashes in rockets services can be obtained. Who would be a suitable provider to approach for this type of service? Does this require having someone turn up to do the launch for me?

    Also, I was originally going with a more DIY approach before seeing this page. I was just going to buy about 6 of the biggest rockets I could find and share the ashes between them, taping them to the rockets. Would this work?

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    Firstly, welcome to the forum. Secondly, really sorry to hear your news.

    Taping ashes to rockets is possible but it would be very hard for anyone here to recommend this due to safety grounds. If the weight was too much, or the packages caused the rocket to change flight, you could have a problem. You need the ashes within the firework itself but it is also problematic in a forum setting to recommend removing the rocket top and placing the ashes in, because technically/legally you are modifying a firework and it's dangerous and possibly a legal can of worms.

    It's better then either to pick a type of firework where you could drop the ashes in without modification to the firework (the only one I can think of would be a mine, which is a tube that explodes an effect up in the air, see this feature as an example of what they look like) or paying for someone to put some ashes into a consumer firework, either a rocket or a cake (which fires multiple shots) which you can then set off. This company is linked to a UKFR sponsor and do rockets or cakes, however if you Google, there are many others who do this service.

    With self-fire and consumer items you would fire these yourself. You would only have an operator supplied to fire in the case of a professional show.

    If you need help or advice with setting off any fireworks you get, either see the main site articles or ask here.
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    If you want to drop me an email it might be something we can do for you. I visit Cornwall regularly to see my Dad and if the location is nearby we could maybe fire the ashes for you.
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    Philippe, again, sincere condolences, I am not sure I am allowed to promote companies here but Fantastic Fireworks near Luton did this for my father-in-law 10 years ago - in fact it was this that got me into the whole cat4 professional firing. They put the ashes into rockets and fired a small show for us on his birthday.
  5. Thanks for the quick reponses and useful advice. I'll take a look at the sites mentioned.
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    Condolences from me as well. And welcome to the forum, too..... I see you joined today. Thanks for coming here to ask your question.

    I'd strongly recommend getting a professional display company to do the honours for you. I say that not only as someone into fireworks, but also as a Vicar. Sending ashes up in some shells in part of a small display is quite effective.

    I think you might be surprised by how many fireworks you'd need to fill if you adopted a DIY approach using fireworks available to consumers, or specially made & filled fireworks from places like the one mentioned in Pete's link. Adult human cremated remains weigh in the region of 2Kg (a little under on average for women, more for men). So I think folk tend to launch a token amount of ashes if they buy the specially filled fireworks to fire themselves. If you want to launch all the ashes, then it quickly becomes cost effective to have a specialist display company to fill a set of shells that'll be incorporated into a display.

    There's a funeral director in my area who also runs a firework display company (Skyblazers) - so it's the kind of thing they'd be well suited to doing. I know the folk quite well, so can recommend them. But that's up in the North West - miles from your planned launch site. Heavens Above Fireworks, based in Essex, specialises in fireworks for cremated remains, offering both professional displays and self fired rockets. I don't know the company personally, so can't vouch for it. Skydazzle's much nearer for you, though. I know the member who runs the company and can recommend him.

    As previously posted, adding ashes to existing retail rockets by taping packages on will unbalance the rocket and may also make it too heavy for its motor to lift and fly properly. So that gets a big thumbs down from me.
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    Have to agree with the Rev it takes a lot of fireworks to use all the ashes, but a smaller token amount is more practical.
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    As with the other posters sincere condolences
    Kimbolton Fireworks do an 8oz rocket with an empty head that can ve loaded with the ashes if you really want to do this yourself, but personally I would suggest thinking about having a professional company organise this for you as it is a stress that may not want at this time
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    I have in my stores a number of 6" shells with cavitys designed and made for this job specifically.
    Blind bursts so in the past we have either used them as part of a small display or flanked them with suitable shells, Usually willows but once green and red falling leaves as the lady was named April