Le maitre pyroflash

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  1. Oblivion FX

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    Does anyone have any le maitre , skyhigh pyroflash pods , cables , controllers ... gerb holders etc

    That they don't use anymore. Looking to expand on to what I already have. Thank you :)
  2. Oblivion FX

    Oblivion FX Pro Firer/Crew

    I have seen that. Is massively over priced for a second hand system. Only 6 pods. I could buy the same stuff brand new. For that price. 6way conteoller £285... Pods around £44 each , angles ones around £70 ...
    Most I would pay for that is £250 if I'm honest
  3. luke

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    Keep an eye on eBay stuff is always cropping up on there.
    But as you’ve seen not everyone values kit the same as another.
    If I’m selling I want top dollar prices and when buying I want bargain basement prices.
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