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  1. danielpyronutter

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    Hi all

    I've just been informed that the annual review night will take place on the 28th September at the woodman pub in chipping ongar.

    Highlights are the full range of vivid pyrotechnics cakes, candles and rockets, new lines from primed and imperial lotus.

    Will be a great night as it always is and firmly in my calendar yearly.

    A great month for us pyromaniacs with 2 review nights in the space of a week, I will be attending both.

  2. Push64

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    If it's as good as last year, we are in for a treat !!
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  3. SteveLX

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    I don’t think I could afford to go to two demo nights, I always go to the Let’s Party one thinking I just need a couple more bits and end up buying way more than I ever meant to!!
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  4. geoff

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    Hope to be able to go to this.
  5. Geoff
    Try not to miss this years review night
    Going to be over 100 new fireworks being fired for 2019 and a Fantastic Pyro Musical Finale
  6. danielpyronutter

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    Just seen all vivid cakes with videos live on let's party fireworks website.
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  7. Yes mate
    Just finished them on there got to put up rockets and candles aswell
    Also lots of the new Celtic and Primed range for this year
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  8. Boneshaker Mad

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    Looking forward to this year