Let's talk about the 50% price hike due to shipping

Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by Dodgey, Oct 9, 2021.

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    So, what are you planning to do?

    49 shot fans are £10 more than last year
    3" shells now well past £2 a pop

    Personally, that's the end of sub £1200 show for me. I used to start at £850, local only.

    Bigger regular gigs will hold this year but I'll be raising prices next year.

    I just can't do low budget shows and not be embarrassed by the content with the new prices.

    Not to mention insurance base costs have doubled in the last few years.

    I've got an existing booking for £1500 for 14 mins!! Charity gig for a regular. I'll have to reduce my margin, and literally, fire a shell every 4 seconds, at best. Maybe 5 mins of Bengals :)
  2. Maersk along with many other shipping lines have mothballed parts of their fleet and therefore artificially inflated prices they are making a lot more money now than pre covid simply by not operating as many ships and charging a lot more to put a container on ships that are still sailing. There’s gonna be a lot more filler than thriller in a lot of displays that want duration but are reluctant to pay more
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    Personally I think the best advice to coucils/bigger events would be to reduce duration or they'll have to accept a watered down display. The difference between 15mins and 20 mins isn't that noticeable.

    My own council are struggling that badly that they cut 3 of the 4 pro displays in the area and this was after 2019. They can't even afford xmas lights and regular grass cutting anymore. If that's something that's happening UK wide then there will be a reduction in council displays over the next couple of years.
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    I'm really fascinated to see how this plays out. Most firework companies are on tiny margins anyway, so something HAS to change as there is no room to manoeuvre. Surely it also makes more local manufacture more viable too?
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    @maxywell, that is because councils have prioritised expenditure to only keep temporary traffic light businesses afloat - whilst fobbing us off that long grass is better for the environment, potholes help keep people alert whilst driving and Christmas lights are not inclusive enough and bad for environment because of excess energy wastage. Ineptness of local council spending is beyond comprehension!
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    Pretty much my thinking. The main local display was cancelled again this year way back in June... apparently because of 'uncertainty around the covid situation'. Needless to say when NLC posted that on fb the comments were full of people accusing them of all sorts along with numerous posts suggesting they buy new lawn mowers with the money they saved. :D
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    Do u know if there's any displays that are definitely taking place in and around the Glasgow area this year @maxywell
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    Kilwinning and Mussleborough are the only ones confirmed but they'll both have crowd limits. There's one in Barrhead on halloween but it's more of a childrens thing so i'm guessing there won't be much bigger stuff.
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    Here Barrhead isn't far, I'll take anything to enjoy a professional display the now, I'll look up the Barrhead one the day, I did see one at Halfway in Cambuslang on the 6th, apparently they've got a show on, but think it will be like the Barrhead one
  10. There's also Clarkson, Barrhead (again) and Giffnock Christmas lights with decent sized shows - 50mm max cakes but solid shown none the less
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