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  1. Not to sure pal. But I’m back in there mid week so are find out the Nec. But the little cake plasma attack is about 104. Nec and are in the 3 items for 20 pounds deal.
  2. Somerset pyro has an unboxing vid on YouTube prob says the nec
  3. The gemini pack looks decent

  4. That's my unboxing of Visage. Plenty of fresh air in it but some nice effects, easily worth £13 imo
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    Oh dear, I feel I'm going to have to purchase one, two or three of those little Plasma Attack cakes :oops::p
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    3 stage whistles in that Knights Quest cake, never thought I'd see that in a supermarket firework.
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    Yeah but I'm not paying £24.99 for it lol if it was £7.99 like the Plasma Attack then yeah or maybe a Tenner lol but no that price!

    Do I sound like a tight Scotsman :oops:

    In my defense I just like value for money but don't mind paying extra for quality :D
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    Haha no, I wouldn't pay that for it either, just an effect that's not often seen.
  9. Fired some of the Visage box I had left over from last year last night and have to say they are great quality and performance for the price. One of the fountains was like a traffics light fountain and changed colour 2-3 times. The cakes were of good performance for the size. Also fired some old double shot photon bursts which you can't buy anymore from Brightstar and wow for their size they are pokey!
  10. So this year we have a smaller garden, and in addition I have also been out of the country a lot so not had any time to deal with sponsors (we don't have any sponsors nearby). I wanted a small display this evening so grabbed a Visage box, red arrow pack, some whizz bangs and a couple of plasma attacks from Lidl.

    I have to say for the low price I was really impressed! The family loved it... The red arrow rockets were pretty good, fountains were great, small cakes were entertaining, whizz bangs were punchy and the plasma attacks were fantastic for 7.99. Wife and daughter were taking videos so if anyone is interested I can post.
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  11. What was the red arrow shots tubes like mate
  12. They were good for the money! Quite punchy and some good effects! Good value for money to be honest...
  13. Has anyone noticed changes to the Plasma Attacks this year? The ones I've fired have been without orange stars and have another crackle in its place - so they now fire silver, green, crackle, crackle. Bit disappointed they took out the orange to be honest (unless I had them from an odd batch). I think it removes a bit of the variety the cake had.
  14. I thought they seemed a bit different too.
    On a separate note, had one of the shots break about two ft off the floor. When I looked the next morning, there was a cardboard disc lodged sideways halfway up one of the tubes. Just unlucky I guess!?
  15. That is unlucky, I hope no damage was caused! Talking of misfiring, my Raging Raptor from Aldi only fired 7/36 shots. Not happy with that, and never had it happen before, so will see if I can get my £10 back.