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Discussion in 'Professional Fireworks' started by jayartibee, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. jayartibee

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    I was wondering whether It'd be easy to light a bonfire electrically, towards the end of a firework display. I'm envisaging a chain - e.match>quickmatch>portfire>pointing at some diesel-soaked straw bale or equivalent. Anyone tried this?
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  2. Da Main Mouse

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    I havent but what about some kind of spilling fountain? Jumping beans or the like? Then it be like a little pretty volcano of fire!
    Or use a flare rocket on a line?
    Just throwing some ideas out there :D
  3. Delly67

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    Wouldn't diesel etc be to unstable and possible a)ignite before time or b) evaporate? Try Greenheat or other gel based firelighers as it might be more stable and safer.
  4. hofnerite

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    Yep gel firelighters are best as they don't have flammable vapours. Never use petrol, diesel etc or it might go boom.
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  5. mike frost

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    I'm not actually sure what we use for lighting fires electronically, but I know all we put around it is scrunched up news paper, absolutely no fuels like petrol or diesel are allowed due to the explosion risk
  6. Couple of ice candles off a piece of QM linked to an e-match. Place them inside a dry cavity inside the stack with dry newspaper and straw and it goes up really well due to the continuous flame.
  7. Pyro Ed

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    I've used a 60 sec gerb before with loads of paper. Worked a treat.
  8. jayartibee

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    Thanks - I've only mentioned diesel because our 'maintenance men' (it's a school) have used diesel for the last thirty years - and then lit locally by hand. Never realised they were taking such a risk!
  9. beeney

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    the bonfire local to me still uses strawbales and diesel, pretty sure tractor tyres have also been used back in the day
  10. pyroplayer

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    Good quality bin bag filled with fresh dry straw and some waxy paper, place a 60sec strobe or bengal in the middle of the straw bag with bell wire running out. A little diesel / camping oil mix drizzled into the bag just before sealing up if you want a little extra energy, no petrol anywhere near it, and no fuels at all on the actual bonfire itself. Place the bag into the heart of the bonfire surrounded by a few fresh straw bales. Tap a 9v battery to the bell wire and you're off.

    We've successfully lit loads of bonfires safely using this method, even in horrendous wet / windy conditions. It creates a very hot core, which is what you need for a nice even burn.
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  11. Pyro Ed

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    Diesel won't explode unless you boil and atomise it. It won't produce vapour fast enough to cause an explosion.
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  12. Arthur

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    Build the fire round a bin bag (or two!) of fine dry kindling with about a cup of diesel and a cup of kerosene. Ignite electrically with a fountain or gerbe. The liquids should absorb into the kindling before the fire is built.

    HOWEVER if you have firework insurance then involvement of any sort with a bonfire may be precluded.
  13. Arthur, all your doing it providing the ignition method, they built it, and gave the go ahead to light it, your paperwork should reflect that but your not liable for it. Celtic 60s 0.5m red flare is nice as it lights up the bonfire and looks like it burning till the straw etc does it's job.
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