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  1. paul s

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    Another query!

    Anybody had the 'need' to fit or found 'no need' to fit a LPS to an external, stand alone store?

    2014 regs state that 'suitable lightning protection' should be installed in all stores. Should and must are distinctly different and again this seems to be at the behest of the TSO/Fire Service.

    Would appreciate any first hand knowledge. :)
  2. elmo

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    Different accepted types seem to be dependant on your areas TSO
    Some accept normal earthing stake and cable , others demand full copper strip protection which is very costly
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  3. For the sake of £25 and 15 mins work it’s worth doing even if only to keep your TSO sweet :)
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  4. paul s

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    Colin, Karl....

    can you elaborate? Trying to find a diy method to LPS is almost impossible, and LPS organisations are talking mega bucks for assessment, design and installation - which is beyond overkill for a small, additional store.

    TSO is not pushing this too much, but he says the regs do state 'should be installed'.

    The risk is almost zero, but if a diy method can be employed then it's a belt and braces.

  5. elmo

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    earth rod is available from screwfix and the likes, bang into ground, drill hole in bottom lip of container, remove paint with grinder so earth cable has good connection with container, and connect cable to rod with earth clamp

    like Karl says, 15 mins work from any decent sparky who can then give you test sheet, :)
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  6. paul s

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    That sounds like a doddle.

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  7. Jon

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    I have known some TS to do earth resistant tests as part of the inspection.
  8. Arthur

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    First ask your licensing officer! They will define whether it's a requirement or not.

    It's simple to find or fix a connector to the steel of a store, and cheap and easy to buy an earth rod from screwfix (etc) and the earth cable.
    Strangely my local B&Q sells the earth rods but NOT the connector for the cable!?!

    Ask your licensing officer whether your DIY suggestion is acceptable or necessary.
  9. starseeker

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    And don't forget to earth the doors to the container.
  10. Ours passed just from ground contact alone! But our TSO insisted on proper earthing anyway - like you say, he tested :)
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  11. Pyro Ed

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    The irony of having to earth a Faraday cage...
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  12. Charlie

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    Our TSO insisted and like others have said it's not hard to do.

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  13. Jon

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    You should always ground a faraday cage otherwise a charge could build on the 'skin'.
  14. Arthur

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    Faraday cage or not, if your licensing officer says "earth it" then he's not likely to give you a licence without seeing and perhaps testing the quality of the earth connection.
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  15. Dodgey

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    My TSOs haven't a clue. I just tell them what needs doing...
  16. paul s

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    Sadly, that seems to be case across all areas. At least my guy acknowledges his limited experience and is prepared to 'work with me' to achieve a sensible outcome - some are just obstructive. The lack of consistency in application and understanding of the regulations is attrocious really. The saddest part is that there never seems to be any progress as each query is addressed and resolved. A central 'think tank' for authorities to tap into would go a long way to ruling out many of these contradictions and personal opinions.

    The case of the wood store contradiction is a classic case of no documented past ruling.
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