Cake/Barrage Lightning Strike From Prestigious Pyrotechnics

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  1. Lightning Strike
    100 Shots
    RRP £89.99

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  2. hofnerite

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  3. Bloody good shots sir... lovely, simply lovely!;)
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  4. Sean Smythe

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    Cant wait to get mine now :cool::cool:
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  5. paul s

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    £90! :eek:

    You should be totally ashamed of yourself. Call yourself a businessman - how on earth can you sell that for £90.

    You're being far to mean to yourself :cool:
  6. It was a typo should of been another 9 at the beginning
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  7. £9.90 lol
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  8. hofnerite

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  9. Richyc

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    Looking forward to picking up 2 tomorrow
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  10. Fired one of these in a finale last NYE. It’s a fantastic finale firework which doesn’t let up. Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and thoroughly recommended.
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  11. Caldari

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    That's a decent cake reminds me of weapons G.
  12. Its the same....
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  13. paul s

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    And most importantly it seems very consistently good.