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  1. can anyone date this little find for me please.. ..Unopened Black Cat wheel pack with 4 wheels and single Standard wheel..Cheers

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  2. 1992/3 is when I bought those myself
  3. Cheers..older than I thought then .!!
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    I’d say later than that - more like late 90’s early 2000’s - I don’t think Black Cat were in Huddersfield in the early 90’s, they would have still been at Tutbury I believe. And the Standard wheel used to be in a blue box in the earlier years, not a header bag.
  5. Definitely agree. The other give-away is the blanked out flag on the wheel, in the 1996 brochure they were still supplied boxed and had the union flag showing.
  6. Black Cat bought out Standard and moved to Huddersfield in 1998 so the wheels can't be any earlier than that. I would anytime from then up until 02. After that there were some big changes to their range.
  7. last week !
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