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    3E8400C7-45A1-493E-A22C-9FF364863EB7.jpeg Seeing some incredible things in Liuyang including synchronised drone flights with gerbs, I’ll try and upload the opening ceremony finale it’s hugeeeeee!
  2. CAA putting stop to a single drone over 250g with stupid rules, fees and registration so this option will never be an option.
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    As soon as a few professional companies want to do this as a display service there'll be a way to do so.
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    I am pretty sure it's already illegal to put an explosive load on a drone in the UK.
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    How do model aircraft get away with it surely the same rules would apply
  6. Already being worked on :)
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  7. It’s got a few different answers that
  8. A drone/UAV is. I have planes that are model aircraft but them idiot (CAA) call it a drone as it has a auto pilot option on the flight controller.