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  1. Evening all. After a few years lurking in the background, I thought I'd say Hi. This site has been great for finding gems suitable for the space I have to fire in, and has introduced me to brands I've never come across!
    Anyway, the main reason for the post was to show some sponsor love! I've bought pieces previously from companies listed on here, but always assumed that the whole "special discount" thing was more geared to UKFR members with way bigger budgets than my own. So thank you Saj @Chorlton Fireworks for your help with this year's first BFN purchase. Today is the day I finally understand how a trip to get pack of Primed Moonshot rockets ends up with a Siberian Swirl wheel in the trolley. And a Beijing Blitz! And I could (should?:p) have bought more! You're a gent and I'll see you soon for the Jonathan's box, and whatever else happens to be "needed" at the time;)
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Welcome along :)
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  4. scoops

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    :welcome: wow saj, let you off lightly. Every time I'm there I end up with a car full:) he's a top bloke as are all the other sponsors I've met!!
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  5. Indeed @scoops ! New selection boxes due, so I'm away to do my homework as to what cakes will need to come home with me when I return. It's not good starting this early.....:rolleyes:
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  6. Welcome into the light :)

    It was great to meet you and i'm glad our little conversation persuaded you step forward and stop lurking in the background :). There are a few scary people on here like @Pyro Pete & @RocketRev :whistle::p but mostly everyone is positive and never moans or complains lol :chair:

    Some nice bits you have purchased today and hopefully see you again in the future.
  7. Definitely! Back up your way in a few weeks, so will call to see if those updated selection boxes are in. By the way, my six year old's eyes were as big as that wheel when he saw it :eek:
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  8. Welcome lurker!
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  9. New boxes with be arriving in the last week of Sept

    Now that's what it is all about :)
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  10. hello and welcome
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    Welcome along - this years Jonathans box looks great :)
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    Welcome to the forum. :)
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    welcome along :D
  14. Hello and welcome :)
  15. Boxes are in ;)
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  16. Cheers Saj. Could you d.m. me costs and I'll see which one fits what's left of the budget?!
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  17. will do tomorrow
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