Looking for a valuation.

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  1. I have just found this out, I have a couple of them.
    Just looking to see if anyone could tell me what they're worth.

    they're in fairly good condition and unopened.
    some of them have come unstuck but still inside.
    No. 4014 for both of them.

    Any info: year of manufacture, place they were made, value would be appreciated.

    Thanks =). ​

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  2. standard steve

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    theres some on ebay at the moment , there is loads of them about , worth about 50p .
  3. If the blister isn't discoloured, cracked or crushed, and the card is not creased or bent, and the fireworks intact and attached, I'd say £15/20.

    If they're not minty, forget it!

    They are 1977/78 at a guess :cool:
  4. Escht

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    They might have been at one time but numbers of them have turned up over last couple of years and if you could get a £10 note for one now I think you would be doing well.
    Most collectors who want one will by now have found one....... best advice would be to let them off and have a bit of fun with them........