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    I’m currently looking to upgrade my little hobby system to something more substantial, with a view to expanding over time.

    I have been looking into FireTek, Cobra and WPS. All have their own pros and cons. I’m after something that is relatively cheap as a starter package with the ability to expand to multi module firing over time.

    Does anyone have any other options they have looked at/played with in the past or any they would recommend?

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  2. All of your mentioned systems are expandable. It is more of a preference unless you have very specific use cases.
    Do you want completely wireless (Cobra & WPS hobby) or semi-wired (FireTek & WPS pro).

    In short, trying to be as unbiased as possible:

    Firetek - most advanced features.
    Cobra - largest community.
    WPS - price per cue.
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    Firetek - most advanced features.
    Cobra - largest community.
    WPS - price per cue.[/QUOTE]

    All three of the above will do the job. It depends on which pros and cons most affect you and your crew. Wireless is certainly convenient and all three systems can start small and grow. All three systems have UK support. Spares are next day delivery. Phone support can be onsite with all three.

    Wish I was this spoilt with systems to choose when I started 20 years ago.
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