Selection Box / Pack Lucky Star

Discussion in 'Standard Fireworks' started by Jimmywhizz, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. maxywell

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    Not the best duration and some of the stars on the little candles were basically farting out of the tube plus what happened to the wheel was the hole too big for the nail or did it just fall apart? :confused:

    How much is that box? If it's anything more than a tenner it's a poor value box even for a small one.
  2. Was about £5 a few years back, good value for a box of small fireworks, but that's all I would pay if i'm honest.
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  3. paul s

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    Nothing at all wrong with that for a fiver. It's fit for purpose; a very cheap box of kid's fireworks. I've seen much worse for a tenner, or even more. Standard do at least try to put some colour in their fountains.

    (Looks like the nail came out of the post?)