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    From St Catherine's for their feast next Sunday
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    If this finishes by 10pm I'll eat my hat.
    Mqabba will be worse, always has a fire or 300.
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  3. Live link for all the nights
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    Hopefully this picture from malta will not be a sign of things changing. Never seen as many foreign fireworks at a maltese feast. Such a shame
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    I thought they weren't allowed to import into Malta?
  6. That's what Nick from Fireone malta says. Apparently they are 'extras' shipped with the competition fireworks from Italy. The guy that stores the fireworks until the competition, an independent factory, sells the excess.
    But if I can spot them.....
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    Look at the size of those jorge cakes in the back of mellihia fireworks setup photo would assume those would be f4 pro
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    For some he needs no introduction,
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    Live tonight on the above link.
    All times are -1 for uk
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    Opening show
    Closing show

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