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  2. Probably going to give this a miss this year..... Probably.
    On my visits to Malta I always stay In Birzebuugia, at the sea breeze hotel, in the south and quite ish. Plenty of restaurants ect close by. Only 20min by car and there is a large car park close by to the comp.
    If you want a hire car, tf rentals, their son won first prize for products in the comp last year.
    @ferrex was also there last year.
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    Looking at the location, idealy a hotel in Valletta/Silema peninsula :)
  4. And hopefully will be there this year too... Grand Hotel Excelsior is just right there but depends on your budget and on what you want to do!
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    Thanks, Excelsior is top on my list as it’s near the ground stuff. Price has gone up since this morning by £200, must clear my cookies!!
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    I like the Excelsior if we are in Valletta that is where we stay.
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  7. Its a shame that this is not the same weekend as the competition like last year.
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    OK, just booked the Excelsior for 9th-15th Aug to catch the Mqabba celebrations.

    Thanks for your suggestions guys, especially to Locky Smith, nothing like first hand recommendations!!

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  9. Nice one mate.
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  10. Yes hopefully we can manage to meet!
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  11. Just booked 9th to 12th August for 8 of us

    Just looking for hotels
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  12. Screenshot_20180605-212723.png 9th till 12th?, you miss the best two days of Maltese pyro by 2 days!!.
    10th of August firework factory (One of the few factories that the name is also the date) have a big show In vittoriosa (I think). Also I'll be at the rooftop show performed by St Mary's Qrendi apprentices on the 10th.
    Malta will just be warming up as you leave....
    If you want cheap and clean, sea breeze hotel in Birzebuugia, 3 bedroom apt €50/night between up to 7
  13. I had some BA vouchers to use and we're taking 6 friends with us, so could only do Thursday to Sunday.
  14. Looked at Excelsior but it's getting VERY mixed reviews.
  15. Screenshot_20180605-214938.png
    I can highly recommended this place
    Myself and @Damp Squib (think it was you Martin) had a look around. Highly detailed finish, flat screens and Bose surround sound
    I know a beautiful 4 bed villa, huge pool,
    Already booked though......
  16. grrr

    that would have been ideal. (the villa)
  17. says not available
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    Hopefully the Excelsior has got it’s act together by August o_O
  19. Screenshot_20180628-102559.png
    For those out on the 10th August.
    All in Maltese but look for the key words
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