Manic Attack

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  1. On way home I swung into latiffs and bought some of these to compliment New Years, they are ridiculously big physically just hope they match when they go up! Some mighty fall out though!

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  2. They certainly look the part
  3. They look great! I took advantage of a few Black Friday lines, Rock n Rolla, Hijacker, Ballistic and a few Snowflake to Avalanche.
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  4. They are awesome, I fired the Gold and Silver one at BFN. Unfortunately didnt video but the strobe effect from the Silver one was something else.

    It was genuinely massive.
  5. That is good to hear mak, how big compared to other fireworks, I was going to try and be cheeky and split the packs to get 4 silver strobes but knew that they probably wouldn’t do that! I want to test fire one now and see if is worth getting some more but I don’t want to be one of those neighbours :(
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  6. Hijacker is an absolutely excellent firework and on the Black Friday price would of been rude not too! Is to snowflake good?? And balastic?
  7. Massive, I fired a 4" Celtic Messenger and the 3" destroyer ballheads and nothing came close.

    This video on YouTube inspired me to buy one, its not the greatest but gives you an idea:

  8. Snowflake is great little firework and a real bargain at £2.99
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  9. I believe they are 3" shells inside, I think I read that on their website
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  10. Yes, looking forward to Hijacker. I couldn’t not pick one up. Took a punt on Ballistic, can’t find any videos. The effects look decent though, it mentions ‘super white strobe’ on the side. The Snowflake to Avalanche were as @codge mentioned, an outrageous £2.99, enough said on that one. Just got to stash them away now along with my other gear. Enjoy your rockets, make sure you video each one!