Cake/Barrage Manic Miner

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  1. RRP: £84.99
    Category: CE Cat3
    Shots: 16 x 50mm mines with 3 bombettes per shot
    Duration: 50 seconds
    Hazard: 1.4G

    Video from tonight, filmed from 45 metres:

    Sorry for the up and down footage; it's very hard to film mines and bursts above at the same time!
  2. paul s

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    Not cheap, but good duration and some huge effects. I've seen far worse at the same rrp.
  3. For @Quasar this is one filmed in 2015 so presumably the 1.3G version?

  4. danielpyronutter

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    Not bad and love the finale
  5. danielpyronutter

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    @POB's Pyro how did this compare to skycrafter raging inferno?
  6. It’s a tough call. Both are roughly the same price, and while Raging Inferno arguably has the better mine effects, Manic Miner has bigger impact in my opinion and also has the better finale.
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  7. absolutefireworks

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    There was no Change to the 1.3G and the 1.4G version of Manic Miner. HSE re-examined the technical specifications and agreed with ourselves that it fell within the specification for a 1.4G Mine :)
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  8. trueblue_ips

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    OK, I'll ask. How can this be 50mm tube size, I thought the maximum was 30mm for cat 3?
    I had the chance to get one of these at a good price and sadly turned it down.
  9. hofnerite

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    Three bombettes in each tube so the 50mm is just the outer tube not technically the "firing" tube.

    However I don't know if the 50mm tube fires as a mine with three loose bombettes in it or contains three separate tubes, each firing a shot at the same time.
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  10. trueblue_ips

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  11. paul s

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    I think that's it. :)

    Max shot tube size is 30mm, but as this is a mine cake that does not apply.