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  1. Adam Blastock

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    Hello all,

    I was reading some information around the growing pressure on the UK government to review the current firework laws. I was thinking could the industry make a new voluntary code. We all know that fireworks are safe if used correctly but if the pressure does continue to grow then maybe looking at a voluntary code could help defuse the tension. I have a couple of Ideas but of course, they may not be perfect as I am no expert.

    Without looking at data, I would expect that Fireworks sold in the supermarket are more at risk of getting into the wrong hands. If this is right maybe we could increase the age you can buy fireworks in a supermarket.

    When buying from a specialist retailer anyone between 2 ages (18-25) should have to answer a quick questionnaire so they know the risks and you get an idea of their attitude.

    Could you increase the age of buying depending on category so CAT2 or Below 18 and CAT 3 21?

    This code could stop overpowered regulation on fireworks.

    I would like to hear your opinions and idea.

    I hope it would never have to come to a voluntary code or the government making new laws.

  2. Jon

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    The sad reality is that the industry has worked on numerous occasions to help those who feel 'targetted'. If you read the evidence of the current inquiry you will find most want fireworks banned completely (both consumer and professional) or a heavily regulated professional only legislation where you can only fire between 7-8pm and 'silent' fireworks.

    I have worked in explosives for most of my working life, we are the second most regulated industry to that of the nuclear industry. We don't need more regulation.

    The answer is the same as the knife crime, or the gang cultures...its policing!!
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  3. TGR


    @Jon - Got it in one.

    Fireworks from supermarkets are not the problem. They tend to operate a Challenge 21 or Challenge 25 policy which they rigidly stick to. They have too much to lose for breaches of trading law.

    The problem stems from idiots of a legal age buying for younger friends (as happens with cigarettes and alcohol), or the minor buying directly online and getting bangers and such like from Europe.

    Industry has for some time being pushing for more rigorous enforcement and actually using the penalties to the limit. We have suggested that the penalties are increased and revenue generated going back into Local Authority funding, in much the same way that roads policing use money from speed cameras.

    We do not need more regulation, we need better use of the regulations as they are now. Trading Standards, like all Civil Service departments have been cut to the bone. Their resources are extremely limited.

    I have discussed this with them and suggest that they make better use of their resources by focusing on the law breakers rather than going after the easy targets (legitimate sellers) which invariably are operating within the law and the enquiry leads nowhere. I spent around 4 hours work late last year dealing with a single TS enquiry about why we were still selling product that referred to BS 7114. The items were clearly CE compliant but on the outside of the selection box there was a standard label which said "Only buy fireworks tested to BS7114 or EN15947". A quick check would have shown that these items were actually manufactured in 2016, long before anyone knew what was going to happen with BS7114 and having that label was not a problem.

    This is not an isolated example but shows that sometimes the limited resources are misused and valuable limited enforcement time wasted.
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  4. Adam Blastock

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    Okay I agree with that. I just hope the government see it that way too.
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    Most of the people that have expressed their hatred for pyro are friends and family who have pets that they have pretty much encouraged to be scared or have not taken any steps to change the behaviour of them.
    Also my horse riding daughter and her pals don’t like them too much.
    But like I explain to them irresponsible neighbours to anyone with horse and cattle is wrong.
    They should be informing you they are setting off fireworks at times given.
    More enforcement is going to be tough on those that behave already.