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  1. 8th December 2017 is our Demo Night for Mars Pyrotechnics open to trade and professional firing teams. Our new improved range including one of the best 5 pack rocket sets to be seen in the UK.

    For details of venue please contact us at :- or call Tony on 07880 710654.

    All our products are pyro meshed singularly so there are no storage problems. Rockets are in resalable cages to make life easier for all our retail stockists.

    We are looking for excusive retailers for certain areas, if you are interested please contact us at:-
  2. see you there tony
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  3. Just a quick heads up container is arriving tomorrow and I hope to be able to test fire the rockets over the weekend,keep an eye on the forum as on Wednesday we will make an announcement regarding forum members many thanks Mars
  4. Hello again We test fired the two new rocket packs on Sunday night and they were. Superb. The Eros pack was fantastic they are a beast of a pack The noise of the motor alone took your breath away and the burst wow. The second pack was the Wolf pack a great selection of rockets that will beat any other pack in its price range i Demo night Friday so videos to come of these new rockets plus the whole range thanks Mars
  5. It's Wednesday night and time for the news you have been waiting for. The first 30 forum members to send their email address to will be invited to our Friday night Demo. If you are lucky to be in the first 30 you will receive the Location along with an extra 10% discount on top of the 25% promotional demo discount, and will become part of the Mars VIP club. You will receive monthly offers throughout the year. Good luck Get emailing only 30 spaces available.
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    Hi all

    So after a great night of stunning Mars pyro we saw the whole range of products fired with some brilliant new rockets the wolf pack.

    Great to spend some time with a few pals there:
    Tony and Wayne @Mars Pyrotechnics
    Glenn and Matt @Lets Party Fireworks
    Saj and boss@Chorlton Fireworks :)
    John @Fireworks South Wales

    Notable favourites of mine were :
    Carpet Bomber
    Stunning blues and the traditional volley of 5 salutes to finish.

    Star chaser
    Stunning silver crossettes with thick silver tails.

    Tall whites
    Beautiful spinning tails to white brocade and strobes

    Lucifer and el diablo
    Stunning pair of cakes extremely powerful and stunning range of effects across the 2 cakes with a salute finale.

    Stunning volley firing powerful cake with great effects.

    One of my favourites relentless powerful bursts with lovely effects and huge bursts.

    My favourite of the fan cakes with a wide spread and stunning range of effects, who's got one for me please :)

    Really liked this fan cake also with spinning tails up to crackling bursts with red tips

    The old classic reimagened 68 shots of volley firing madness with a stunning range of effects finished off with volleys of salutes, love the falling leaves in this one.

    The Godfather
    Another classic and still the Don, cake 2 with a stunning Elderado like effect but with more colour and a golden stardust like effect.
    Cake 3, stunning brocades with colour tips and volleys of very loud salutes to end.

    Wolf pack rockets
    Stunning 5 pack of powerful rockets with a beautiful mix of effects.

    We got some great footage which will be uploaded soon courtesy of Glenn @Lets Party Fireworks.

    So all in all a fantastic night of quality pyro many thanks to all involved in putting it together @alasdar
    @Billy Brutal
    For helping Wayne and myself out with the setup and firing.

    Also good to meet @POB's Pyro.

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    Excellent, thanks for the feedback, looking forward to seeing some video clips when they're ready.
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  9. I hear the Eros rockets were "Interesting".
  10. In what way?
  11. I wanted to go but was only told the day a couple of days ago and was already booked to do something else
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    Thread on the event page
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    I've merged the other thread into this one.
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  17. Great to see the updated Mars gear last night, thanks to @Mars Pyrotechnics for hosting and great to catch up with Saj @Chorlton Fireworks, John @Fireworks South Wales, @danielpyronutter and whoever else formed part of the "UKFR Train" to help load me up with more Mars gear after my fail trying to show off with a 28kg Godfather set (it slipped out my hands ok). Great camaraderie :)

    If I get time I'll put my footage in the review section but for now if can be viewed from the below playlist. Not the best footage and I came a bit unprepared and filmed without a camera tri-pod and didn't bring gloves, so after 20 minutes filming in the freezing cold I had no feeling left in my hands! (video 20 onwards)

    The Wolf rockets were superb with some big beautiful effects and nice shiny packaging too!

    The Godfather set is louder this year - the salutes are loud enough for me, probably still not as loud as pre-CE but they were >120db and the new Mars is so much better quality. The timings on all of the cakes are the best I've ever encountered (only the pulse firing Drone and Boneshaker vary slightly). I've fired dozens of cakes and use them in musicals as the timings have been +/- 1 second. Some may have noticed that a few cakes fire 1 shot, then 2 shots, then 3 shots, then back to 1, 2, 3 etc. - I've fired rows of four cakes and all go up pretty much identical. I'm glad the same factory has been used for this year though of course a shame the product has been delayed until now, but there's no excuse not to try some for NYE :)
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    Some excellent items by the looks of it.

    Great to see Mars back. :cheers:
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