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    I have the tall glass cabinets and they came from ikea, they are around £50 and look exactly the same, no way of locking them though which isn't great if you have young children! or have it in a public place like mine! Nice collections by the way, thanks for sharing, constantly surprised by the amount of stuff out there.
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    Yes thats the draw back that they don’t lock and the gaps between the hinge and where the glass door opens, would’ve preferred it if there was a lock on it and everything enclosed but the best thing I can come up with for now.

    Thanks, thats all my loose items on display along with my airbomb blister packs, my selection boxes are all tucked away in drawers which I like to get out and caress every so often.
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  3. You can get locks that fit these style of cabinets on a well known auction site. :)
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  4. you are right , ive got some, and there not expensive , ideal for what ever you keep in your cabinets
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    " my selection boxes are all tucked away in drawers which I like to get out and caress every so often."

    Think Jamie needs a lock on his drawers :D
  6. ill have to look in your drawers kevin , when I come down to see you ! lol
  7. buy a lock Jamie , you don't want some one handling your big blue one !
  8. Jamie Thornton

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    Think I better get that lock don’t want anyone looking down my drawers now do I handling my bits and pieces:eek:.
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  9. Jamie Thornton

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    Think I need to rephrase that post:D.
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    With regards to locking Ikea Detolf cabinets standard patio locks work well and are just a few pounds to purchase.

  11. Escht

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    Whilst the chance of Standard Steve venturing outside of the borders of Yorkshire are only slightly more unlikely than finding and using his camera I decided that discretion being the better part of valor etc. I had better get my cabinets sorted......... :)

    IMG_9373 (2).JPG IMG_9374 (2).JPG IMG_9375 (2).JPG IMG_9376.JPG IMG_9377 (2).JPG IMG_9378 (2).JPG IMG_9379 (2).JPG IMG_9381 (2).JPG
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    Most impressive, sir!
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    Very nice collection that Kev, certainly most impressive.
  14. Reminds me of how the fireworks used to look in the shops back in the good old days!, nice to see some later Pains/Wessex there and my favourites, Parachute Floating Lights!, nice to see you have a full box too.
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  15. I love the standard rockets in your cabinet ❤️❤️ I remember Kington fireman fireworks display where they used to fire them.
    Us kids would be in the fallout area fighting to collect the rockets as they fell, good times
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    Looking at all these cabinets really does take me right back to that special magical place. Incredible what has survived and found it's way into the rightful caring hands. Well done everyone. Amazing to see,