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  1. WR3_Pyro

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    My sons 5th birthday, he asked for fireworks as his party was cancelled etc. To keep the wet wipes happy I kept it short and sweet with low noise! Nothing complex but it really completed his lockdown birthday! And I knocked it up in 5 mins :cool:

    These are my kinda birthday candles :)

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  2. Pyrodave1.4

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    Brave man firing next a car
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  3. Pyro Pete

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    Nicely done :cheers:
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  4. Nice one there mate, I see that your son has his birthday candles curtsy of vivid pyrotechnics.
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  5. danielpyronutter

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    What were those candles mate?

    These kind of events are sometimes tge most memorable.
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  6. WR3_Pyro

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    Yeah it’s my driveway, my car is behind the mrs car even closer :rolleyes: wouldn’t think it was my pride and joy! Nothing a quick rinse down with the hose won’t sort!

    @firework CJ well spotted, he specifically request vivid you see ;)
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  7. WR3_Pyro

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    @danielpyronutter yeah they were vivid 56s, green glitter followed by special white strobe then red glitter, my go to 56 shotter, lovely and simple to get to the QM with little fuss.

    Yeah as I put him to bed he said none of his friends would have fireworks for there birthdays to which I responded ‘that is why I am the best dad’ to which he agreed :D
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  8. chris 1953

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    nice one mate
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  9. paul s

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    Sounded like good, harmless fun. The little fella certainly seemed happy.
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  10. BarnOwl

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    lovely stuff @WR3_Pyro
    Those Vivid candles look really nice.
    Very crackly fountain - funny enough it's the one effect my daughter hates. She seems fine with all manor of salutes/raports now, but fountains with loud crackle...she literally runs away..
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  11. WR3_Pyro

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    @BarnOwl haha my son loves crackles, and in a low noise display they are borderline acceptable! I’m not a massive fan but that was a klasek 500g sig cone which I had knocking about I wanted to end on salutes but thought middle of January, might upset a few folk :rolleyes:
  12. BarnOwl

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    Ahh it's the Klasek 500g cone...
    Yes prob wise decision not ending on the salutes...give them a few weeks to recover ha...
  13. WR3_Pyro

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    Yeah great cones for the money, nice low smoke, powerful and high quality with some varied effects! Yeah our neighbours (One a copper) were saying they were waiting to see if anyone posted anything in the residents groups.. it’s amazing how little people have there ears pressed against the glass listening for fireworks in mid jan.
  14. paul s

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    I think this is probably down to the close proximity of the crackles. For kids a loud, bright fountain a few metres away is probably a lot more scary than bursts 30 odd metres in the sky.
    There’s also the ‘will it or won’t it pop at the end’.
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  15. hofnerite

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    I love those Vivid red glitter bundles. Definitely the best of three version they do.
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  16. I also suffer with that fear, every time I light a conical fountain.. but not just "at the end" ;):eek:
  17. BarnOwl

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    Yep agree. I certainly won’t be lighting a ‘Hail storm fury’ anytime soon....
  18. Having a klasek 1000 gram cone go "pop" is not something you want to happen........
  19. great stuff. Im really impressed with Vivids stuff.
  20. When myself and a few other forum members lit a selection of approximately 40 different conical fountains two Klasek cones did indeed go bang! The only other failure came from an 'Ultra' branded fountain.