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  1. Would celtics mini mish mash be any good as a final after firing a gem collection barrage pack or would it be to weak?
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    The 50? Shot barrage in the gem collection is a biggish piece and would make the MMM seem small IMO but I may be wrong?
  3. The MMM is a great cake but its only 16mm. Its got a nice range of effects and the last two rows fire together, but not sure it will make a finale piece.
  4. Yeah as I thought but had to check as I know what the quality is like being celtic.
  5. For a finale, stretching to the full size Mish Mash would be good. From Celtic, Fire in The Hole is a great finale piece, as is Ten out of Ten

    For only slightly more than MMM you can get Frankenstein from Klasek which although technically F2, I found it to be very sky filling. Panda Killer also by Klasek would give even more “wow” factor, on par with Fire in The Hole

    If you already have bought your MMM i wouldn’t worry, Celtic pieces are incredible and always punch above their weight :) I’ve never had one that disappoints
  6. I decided to go with a brothers firework crazy instead I do like the look of mish mash but always wanted to try firework crazy. I've had a bit of celtic before and it is very good
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  7. i had firework crazy cpl years ago and its very good
    but this year i have gone with a 100 shot MM + a few other pieces

    Colourful Crossette 25 shot cake
    Twilight Zone 25 shot cake
    Glitter Rainbow 30 shot cake
    Genesis 49 shot cake
    Sting in the Tail 33 shot cake
    Boss Drum 30 shot cake
    Pyro Magic 36 shot cake
    Meso Sphere 49 shot cake
    Obliviate 66 shot cake
    Red Baron 100 shot cake
    Radioactive 56 shot cake
    Odyssey 88 shot cake
    Mish Mash 100 shot cake
    Chain Reaction 170 shot cake
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    mish mash is a great cake, amazing blues and brocades in it, very punchy also.

    Fireworks Crazy always good although I've not seen 1 for a few years fired.
  9. Which would you say is better for a final cake out the two?
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    probably fireworks crazy
  11. Hi Stephen,
    You didn't mention how much space you have available?
    or which brand is the "Gem collection barrage pack"?
    All the above options are all good.
    However for a finale, we think firing two identical cakes10m apart is always a great way to end any main show.
    Regarding Celtic mini Mish Mash (MMM) - buying two of them is good value for money product.