MLE FBW Firing System Sale

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  1. Hi.

    I am not sure if this is the best place for this, please advise if not.

    Regrettably me and my business partner have taken the decision to shut down our display company due to other work commitments. Henceforth we have a MLE FBW system for sale.

    50% of this system is around 3 years old - The rest is much newer with 5 of the sequencers only seeing use 3 times.
    In total we have :

    1 x Getac Rugged Laptop
    1 x USB Data power module
    11 x Digiseq Robust 32 Sequencers
    3 x Self built extender modules in hard cases.
    16 x Mini mods

    Data Cables: (Cable sizes approx)

    Fireproof - 4 x 15m - 1 x 20m
    Normal - 5 x 15m - 2 x 50m - 1 x 100m Reel

    Firing Cables:

    6 x 15m - 6 x 3m - 10 x 5m

    To start with I am really not looking to split, however I am aware this may not be possible.

    Open to sensible offers and this sale will not be subject to VAT as its privately owned.



    IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0435.jpg IMG_0436.jpg IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0435.jpg IMG_0436.jpg IMG_0437.jpg IMG_0438.jpg IMG_0439.jpg IMG_0440.jpg IMG_0441.jpg IMG_0442.jpg
  2. Interested in the robusts so let me know if you choose to split :)
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  3. No worries, Thanks
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  4. Im possibly interested in the whole lot. do you have a price in mind please?
  5. No Sold