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  1. Rrp 109.99
    121 shots
    By firework king
    20mm bore

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    These days, with the quality of cameras and China samples, I feel bore size is a must in reviews.

    It may just be me but it's becoming ever more difficult to judge if something is a misleading 20mm cake or in fact 30mm. The piece above looks like 25mm, but could quite easily be 30 or an illusional 20.....:confused:

    Nice cake nevertheless; assuming it is available below £110.
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  4. Nec and cat I would like to know, you can never tell from a video that information and only some websites display all the relevant info, of its on the cake just write it down lol
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    On further searching it appears this can be picked up for £40 on a bogof deal. So 20mm???
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  6. Had it last year looks like 20mm bore and 992g nec, its very punchy!!

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    Pretty good for £40.
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    Yip defo, £40 seems reasonable
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    Boom fireworks in Manchester are selling it for 35 pounds ;) Screenshot_20190929_180150_com.facebook.katana.jpg
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    £75+ would seem to be realistic. However, is the footage the same?
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    I thought when u wrote Boom, u meant it like "Boom there ye go, found it cheaper" lol didn't expect it to be an actual shop lol
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  12. I actually went in to boom fireworks a couple of weeks ago asking for this piece for my finale but the guy said it was not yet in stock. So he gave me another piece for the same price.
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    Lol:D might be going up Der next month.
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  14. Where was it bogof on this item
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  15. Latifs. I bought it from somewhere else