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    The fireworks were probably responsible, it is shame :(
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    When Starlings roost on mass on an evening it’s not hard to spot their murmuration. Two thirds of all Birds in Italy in the Winter months are in fact Starlings. it’s thus well known in towns and cities particularly Rome that they will likely use the same roosting site every night in the Winter months. The article also says ‘nest’ which is inaccurate. No birds even in Rome are nesting at this time of the year. They are either passing through to Africa or are permanent residents roosting. Either way the locals and the authorities will/should know of this.

    so my question would be - why would the authorities allow any type of firework celebrations inner city when there are clearly a mass roosting of Starlings - unless these are illegally fired or not known?
    Its easy to blame, but negligence could be the real cause here....
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  4. Poor birds :(
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    Not probably at all. This happens around the world many time every year, fireworks or not.
    If anything it's a coincidence, unless of course it can be proven.
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    Not to mention if it where fireworks then this kind of case would crop up every year but it’s the first I’ve ever heard of a mass amount of birds dying due to fireworks, also who’s to say they haven’t got some kind of disease ? People are far to ready to point the finger at fireworks before any conclusive evidence has been produced or investigation taken place.

    The case of the horse in November who allegedly got hit in the eye and ended up going blind in one eye, before any investigation was done it was reported straight away that fireworks where to blame and that it was hit in the eye by a firework, police done a full investigation, they concluded it was absolutely nothing to do with fireworks and that the horse injured itself.

    Next on the agenda, brexit......... I blame fireworks :rolleyes:
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    A flock of birds fell out of the sky in America a few weeks back. An autopsy put it down to starvation and exhaustion, probably caused by a localised change in farming.

    But hey, we can't ban farms can we... !
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    There was a case in Wales, last year I think, with a load of starlings found dead one morning. After an investigation it was put down to the birds trying to flee from a predator, some kind of hawk etc, and while being disoriented, the back of the murmuration hit the floor before pulling up.

    Could have been the fireworks in Rome, but as @hofnerite said, possibly a coincidence?
    Wherever there is prey, a predator won't be far away... who knows??
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    The starlings in Valencia seem to cope with fireworks alright.... and I bet they get to experience far more firework displays at close quarters than the birds in Rome do!

    And I did check..... apparently the black starlings are resident there all year round, while our sort of starling - the common starling - over-winters there. The RSPB also reports spotless starlings there.
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    With the amount of salutes the Spanish go through I’m surprised anyone’s eardrums survive let alone a bird
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    Could this be the real reason for the demise of those starlings in Rome?

    The man startling millions of starlings with lasers
    Winter in Rome means starling season, when between one and four million of the birds gather in the Italian capital on their migration from Europe to Africa.
    Their formations in the skies are beautiful – but their droppings create a hazard and the city authorities are trying new methods to move them on from certain locations.

    That's the text of a BBC news item. The link to it and the video that goes with it is this:

    Maybe they aren't being startled by fireworks, but by lasers? Or maybe simply exhausted from trying to get back to their nests in the trees but constantly being spooked and not able to land for a rest? Has the so called "humane" way of trying to shoo them away backfired and fireworks are being made the scapegoat?
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    This exact same incident happened in wales the week before this happened and there was not one mention of fireworks