more pathe films of firework making

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    Following on from the wells thread i went searching for any period fireworks making films and found the following, the brocks colour one is really nice. Imagine finding that selection under a tarp today.


    Standard 1938:

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    Fantastic stuff. No messing from the Brock's test firer there.
  3. Yeah they were pretty close to that massive mine! Shame they didnt show the burst! Bet the camera man got a shock.
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  4. The quality in the effects is just brilliant.
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    Always amusing to watch - yes, missing the big mine a tragedy. Also, the commentator not understanding what's being loaded into the candle, the test firer has his Devil Amongst Tailors fall over immediately. The scrap burn at the start is interesting - "the burn" as it was known - a rather dangerous process of course. Most interesting to me is the "slap dash" way the big candles are being made - powder everywhere, the stars not a great fit for the tubes, "random" amounts of powder for the delay portion - my guess that a rather ragged and unreliable set of product would result - I could be wrong. Pity there isn't 50 hours of this material - I'd watch it :) JW.
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  6. At 0.43 in the first video " thats gunpowder going in " err no its not looks like bentonite clay strange quantity to put in looks like theyre making a dummy?? then some kind of insert at 0.52 like a cardboard tube with hole up the middle no fuse whats that then??

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    from 1945

    penny for the guy
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    Barratt family archives.... some of the earliest footage known of a young TonyB deploying his charms with the ladies to get at their pyro........... :D
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  9. Excellent Thanks.
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    I was just thinking that kevin ! lol
  11. How things have changed!, all those kids drooling over a shop full of pyro, that was me as a kid!, and seeing kids walking out with hands full of fireworks but that is how it used to be, no age limit and you could buy anything you liked!, a seeing that boy stuffing them in his pockets made me laugh!, no health and safety back then, just wish it was still like that when all kids couldn't wait for November 5th and when fireworks went on sale which was usually in September, happy days!
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    Aye, grand days of old...You still using that time machine Kev?
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    Great humour used in the voice over too, no political correctness or other recently introduced madness to adhere too.
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    Sorry I've only just seen your comment, I was back in 1965 and just got back. ;)
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    and to prove it here are some 1965 Brocks 3/- boxes I brought back with me....:angel:

    IMG_9635 (2).JPG
  16. They look like they've come straight from the carton, absolutely immaculate.
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    I am going to contact pathe who uploaded these and see if they have the complete videos. Because you can licence these I suspect that they don't upload the complete examples.
    There is an element of these begin staged so I'd take the making up of the candles with a pinch of salt, like the lady who is taping up with a neatly displayed selection behind her.

    I was surprised how short the fuses were I think the firer got a surprise when he lit the big wheel.
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    Ok, great insights - many thanks :) JW.
  20. Tinderbox

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    I hope you get the complete films. I'd love to see those.