more pathe films of firework making

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    Bentonite wasn't really something Standard used much of if at all. I would say it's delay mix. The traditional candles used something called 'green mix' between the shots instead of the chinese visco dragon method or the felt wad and spollette or time fuse the europeans use. Green mix was all the components of BP roughly mixed up with a higher fuel to oxidizer ratio. No milling, corning, granulating like fast BP. Just a nice steadily slow burning powder. I'd hazard a guess that the light coloured powder is the delay but it could easily be, as you say, bentonite or fine sawdust as an inert representation of the loading stages. Maybe they didn't want to be loading live in front of a TV crew? It certainly aint "gunpowder". Hate it when people just refer to everything in fireworks as "gunpowder".

    The small cylniders could be hummers, whistle units, crackers, spinners, tourbillions, anything really. Though not seeing any sort of passfire to transmit fire from the delay, past the unit and into the lift.

    I could go on about the many many errors of the uninitiated narator.

    Also, that bloke doing the test fires. Was that really how it was done? Really? I mean look at the methodology there. Chuck a few bits out. Set 'em all off at once. Don't even look at them. Just scribble. It was all for the camera I bet.

    Still great to watch though.
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    With youtube there are issues with "how TO make fireworks" as it could be seen as promoting illegal actions. "How they did make fireworks" is sometimes blurred or bits omitted to stop people making fireworks from YT's instructions.
  5. If you look at our main site and take a look at the moving images you will find 5 films all Brocks The last couple silent and the very first firing system.....Bit like FireOne
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    There still seems to some very comprehensive 'how to's' on YT. Never thought they'd allow it. Ned Gorski's entire Fireworking 101 is there for all to see. So too are many other, well researched turorials. I don't think they are practicing what they preach in terms of censorship. Plenty of horrible 'snuff' videos too. Well off topic...