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    Cos she has nothing else in her life, like most keyboard warriors, who also get pissed off if the see others having fun
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    Article from local paper.
    The International Space Station will orbit over the UK at 10.06pm and again at 11.42pm.

    And you're in for an extra treat when HTV9 comes into view at 10.59pm, followed 10 minutes later by Starlink 4 at 11.09pm.
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    Manned SpaceX launch due at 9.30pm tonight - my satellite app lists "Crew Dragon" going over at 9.55pm at a very visible brightness and 44 degree height - so like the Starlink above we'll be able to watch a launch on YouTube and then see it go overhead 25 mins later!
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    The weather was forecast to be 60% favourable yesterday - not seen anything for today yet. Basically it's got to be good enough for the capsule to splash down safely and be recovered anywhere before orbit in the event of an anomaly (as they say), which I think means up the Canadian coast and across to Ireland!
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  8. Excellent, I thought I'd missed it.
  9. They'll try again on Saturday - little earlier though so probably 8.30pm ish UK time.....