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    Loved the Lift off with crew dragon but do not like the amount of satellites being put up by starlink as an astronomer and astrophotographer, but progress is progress i suppose. Although the satellites move too fast for my telescope here is a pic i took Sunday of the Apollo 15 landing sight, one of the best i have taken in my 2 years of trying. Hopefully we will be back there soon.

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  3. Pyro Pete

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    I've received an invitation to enrol on the Starlink service as an early adopter, but the equipment costs £450 (and £50 shipping) and the monthly charge is £89 - so I'll have to pass on that. They quote speeds of 50-150mb and latency of just 20ms to 40ms - so once the price comes down this will be quite an incredible service for rural communities.
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    Also got the invite this morning