Morrisons fireworks 2020

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  1. Pound land was selling the mystic fountain the other year, it was OK for a pound.
  2. Superficial comment but just to look at these, they look a bit "cheapo?" Names like Alien Attack, Mighty Power etc don't show a lot of creativity.

    Don't judge me for saying that, maybe they are awesome.
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    "Festival of Lights" however does show some naming creativity...... given that's what Diwali is also called and given when Diwali is this year. Plus there are a couple of big Morrisons in my area right in the midst of the communities that that one might appeal to.
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  4. The naming of fireworks is something that amuses me no end - maybe i should get out more, but the names are all a bit weird. Id name them all 'ejects stars and bangs' followed by a number ( i may have mentioned this in other threads) someone here recently suggested that they would like to see a new UK manufacturer, i would, im not sure what happened to Worldcube but their stuff was great.

    Im up the for accepting the post of CEO of naming new pyro. to go main stream I'd go for names like 'satanic death cult' 'voodoo spear up the jacksy' etc all of which eject stars and bangs. 'fluffy puppy #1' might upset a few people though.
  5. Which store is this for please
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    They all should have them
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  7. On sale in 400 stores from the 24th of October.
  8. Seems like quite a varied selection for a supermarket.

    I'm a bit confused between the selection boxes and then what appears to be selection boxes bundled with other items for the same price?

    Which company are these?
  9. Firestar, part of the Chestnut Trading group.
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    TBF the Festival Of Lights and Magnificent Finale look ok for supermarket stuff, although this is purely based on the videos I just googled and found on the Firestar YouTube Channel, couldn't see anything for the Mighty Power, Pulsar Round and Total Oblivion though.
  11. Cossi did a vid

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    I think that's pretty good for a supermarket buy, I wonder if the Morrison's staff discount works with these? :rolleyes:
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    Big range for a supermarket.
  14. Great selection and multiples off shot tubes and barrages. Night star are a good brand. Not klasek or triplex but hey for a family on the 5th with a budget you can go wrong.
  15. Watch out with this selection, looks like they have teamed up with the Waitrose supplier (Bulldog + Fire Star). Somehow Morrisons are selling some items at even higher prices. (Waitrose provides multi-buy offers) That £70 cake is rubbish and can be picked up for £25 *** (Its ok for £25) The Emperor box also looks worse than the Presidential kit from previous years.
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    Anyone know what the atom bomb shot tubes are like?
    I'm guessing loud and clear from Aldi are still the best ones from a supermarket?
  17. says on the firestar web site they produce a crackling comet .
  18. Been to Morrisons and got some fireworks, here is a screenshot on what they are doing

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  19. They've been reduced to 8.85g a tube this year, lidl ones have 16g
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