Mouse's Marvellous Mechanical Medicine Wheel - Latest news and video

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    Well, after 1200hours of build time, and best part of 5 months work, the wheel has been out for a test and we are ready to tease everyone about its existence!.

    Further Details will emerge, when, where etc. When fully confirmed by the rest of the team involved.
    @Locky Smith

    So without further ado, Heres the teaser trailer......
    Massive Thankyou to all involved so far, this has been a monumental challenge for us all.

  2. Jon

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    I have always wanted to try and do this but have no where to store it or use it. Really looking forward to the video!!
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    Looks like you have out Furzed the Furze!! :cool::cool:

    Looks brill @Da Main Mouse :goodpost:
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    Looking good :):D
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  5. Da Main Mouse

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    Heres the first video on signwriting the van too.
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  6. paul s

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    Furze.......who's he? :p
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  7. Illusion Fireworks

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    Got Skills!!!
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  8. Nice meeting you Mouse, and your creation. I can only reiterate what Mouse has said about effort. Not only is the wheel made in UK but all the pyro aswell. We started as a group on the 3rd Jan, and could only achieve what we have with the help of others and the promise of future help. I think it will be nearer to 500 individual pyrotechnic components excluding ignitors all fired by fireTek.
    The official unveiling of the wheel will be at the bonfire society comp in August where a few of you have already pledged your help.
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  9. :eek: wow!! Fair play mate, :stashunderbed: i eagerly await video!
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  10. scoops

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    500 que's? F me that's insane:eek:. Can't wait to see that !:):)
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  11. Not cues, individual items. Due to the movements, we have to rely on quickmatch links for some.
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  12. Da Main Mouse

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    rather suprisingly, i designed the whole thing to be as modular as possible, so it is relatively easy to store.
    Lol, hes been nicking my ideas for over 5 years! His rocket wheel may be bigger, but I'm pretty sure we have him nailed down on complexity.
    Cheers mate glad you liked it!

    I love to say the video will be excellent, however the sheer mass of pyro going on does make it difficult, my normal Sony camera absolutely shat itself and the best footage from testing ended up off my mobile.
    All i can say is it genuinely messes with your eyeballs and brain, and is one of the most mesmerizing bits of pyro I have ever seen.
    Nothing will do it justice to seeing it in flesh!
    So I urge all who want to see it, to make it to the Bonfire Society Comp in order to make the most of the opportunity.
    Its unknown at this stage when its next appearance after the Bonfire Society Comp may be, if ever....

    A few specs.
    5.2m diameter
    over 70m of aluminium
    x10 helix bars, x2 chromotrope bars, and the main wheel, giving 13 major moving parts at the same time!
    1200hours build time approx( its more but we dont know how much)
    Mounts for 200 gerbs+44 drivers on the helix
    Mounts for 66 on the main spokes
    Mounts for 24 more on the chromotrope / propeller.
    Total of 334 fixed mounts with the option for roughly 200 more through various means.
    In built winch system to allow rigging @floor level before raising to display height which is 7m to the top of the wheel!

    Potential to hold 534 separete pieces of pyro.

    There is a full build video split into a few parts soon to be added to my YouTube channel, when I have sifted through the 976gb of footage!
    There is also the rest of the sign-writing of the van videos coming soon, at least the background work, the overlay is still yet to come!

    Cheers all, glad you like it :cool:

    O and its all powered by British pyro! not a servo or motor in sight! :p
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  13. paul s

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    Furzey may be a mad cap inventor, but Mouse is the Engineer. ;)
  14. Jon

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    Just from the above discussion about backlash it's clear that Mouse is an engineer! Furze just tries to be. The day he bought out a Vernier to precisely measure something :eek:
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  15. Da Main Mouse

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    Part 2 on signwriting the vans up
  16. Da Main Mouse

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    Part 3 of the Van, Overlaying some lettering to the rear door.
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  17. Da Main Mouse

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    And the first part of the build series, making the hub assembly.
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  18. Genius pure genius
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  19. Ozzieuk

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    Master craftsman.
    It’s a work of art.
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  20. Jon

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    Don't be afraid to just talk and drop the background music, it's always great to hear the designer talk about there design and why they choose to do it the way they have. ;) can't wait for the other parts!
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