Mouse's Neck Sheathed Awls for Sale

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    Hello all,

    I made a couple more of these whilst I was in between jobs so I thought I'd offer them up here for peoples interest.
    They are 6mm brass pinned into the wood with x2 4mm pins.
    The sheaths are made from Kydex and are for intended neck carry.
    There is two videos linked below one for viewing the awls themselves, the other for a small falling simulation/smash test to alleviate any worries people may have about carrying one upon s one person.

    The awl is also under the 75mm legal limit for sharp or bladed articles.(only under current law in the right legal situation)

    The first two here are made from Japanese maple.
    Two In Bocote
    And finally one in cherry laurel.
    Here is two videos.
    One showing a quick look-around them, neck fit, finish and release from sheath.

    One showing a quick demo of the durability of the sheath Vs my 4.5lb Blacksmiths hammer.

    They are £22 including first class post via PayPal so really about 16quidish for the tool itself as the post is nearly £4.
    I can make more if required and in a variety of handle materials. Please contact me via PM.

    Thank you for looking

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    Too good to risk loosing on a muddy show site;)
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    The joy of having it round your neck, you do not put it down and lose it:eek:
    The sheaths are almost a click retain, as well as being a thermoplastic.
    They can be warmed and readjusted as things bed in, even with a lighter!
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    Can you make a platinum 1 that is encrusted with real blood diamonds;)
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    If you supply them, yeah! Haha :p:D
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    Small bump for these.....
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    Update, x1 bocote sold. :niceawl:
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    ...any of these still for sale?!
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    Yes mate, which would you like? I am on nights so cannot post until monday at the earliest opportunity?

    Im dropping the price to £20 all in too, first class signed for post.
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    Nice one! The cherry laurel. looks gorgeous!

    I’m in no rush to be honest. I get paid next Friday so if you want, you can put in the post next Friday and I can pay you on the Friday (do you have PayPal?).
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    Yes I do I shall pm you with details when i get in from work.

    Tar mouse
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