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    Hi @Da Main Mouse, lovely work, if you have one left could you supply me 1 Indian Rosewood with necksheath.
    PM me payment details. Thank you :)
  2. Da Main Mouse

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    I forgot to ask people and to save working through all the msgs, could those who have ordered tek lok belt sheaths please state below if they wish for Right side or Left hand side wearing please.

    This counts for knives and awls,


  3. right side belt clip please.
    also have neck sheath as well
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  4. Da Main Mouse

    Da Main Mouse Supports UKFR

    Update for everyone, sheaths are finished for all neck and teklok. Just awaiting some brass bayonet necklace ties as I have upgraded the neck ties to allow ppl to make them to suit there own lengths and make replacement easier.
    Should have been here a week ago but as with most deliveries atm thats out the window.

    Rest assured they will be in the post as soon as they arrive, along with spare length of cord and a keyring :)

    A few pics in the meanwhile :rolleyes:
    DSC_0595.JPG DSC_0596.JPG DSC_0597.JPG DSC_0598.JPG
    Many thanks

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