Mqabba single shots

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  1. Ive got 2 VIP seats available for the world famous show in Malta on 14th August. €8 each.
  2. Damp Squib

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    Bit steep :p
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  3. blackbat

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    I've seen what those seats are like!
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  4. Da Main Mouse

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    Id like to see that in 70mph wind! :confused:
  5. @PyroSam88 will be, that's the potential forecast. I know it felt like 70° heat when we looked round today, absolutely sweltering.
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  6. blackbat

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    Video unavailable
  7. I've sent it to you on messenger, see if can tweak for me please Justin
  8. blackbat

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    Stuck in Facebook, unfortunately, but I have found this longer version on YouTube:

  9. elmo

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    Knew I should have come with you mate;)
  10. hofnerite

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    Stunning! :eek:
  11. scoops

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    Flower pot at 24s in?
  12. elmo

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    you must remember these are hand made, flowerpots are not uncommon
    still amazing quality and consisstant :cool:
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  13. blackbat

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  14. elmo

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    17,000 the owner told ben and i when we were there in june :cool:
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  15. Graeme Hill

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    Was there with the new wife and what a show it was and will upload a few vid form my s9 when a get a chance of sum of the muilt shells